Monday, April 13, 2015

I'm supposed to be working on final projects... naturally I decide to post on the old blog.
Forget the bulletin board sign, this time of the semester I could sure use a self-regulation robot who zaps me every time I start doing anything but studying.  And that includes video games. And blogging.


Kimberly said...

I hear you! I need a self-regulation robot that zaps me anytime I do anything but sleep once Emma is asleep (like commenting on this post!) But, blogging is way more fun than sleeping (or doing homework, right? ;) Keep up the posts! I want to hear more!

Linda said...

Since you spent about 14 hours studying on Saturday, I think you need a sign that says, "Take a break--NOW!" . . . just to remind you to be human!

janel said...

Ha ha! How did I not see this post before? I need that sign, in various forms, in my life. Like "don't check blogs while you're supposed to be making dinner"....ahem.