Wednesday, July 02, 2014


You know you haven't blogged in a long time when the url of your blog doesn't automatically pop up when you start typing it.  Haha.

Oscillating fans.  What is it about them that is so comforting, that takes me back years and years?

Also, since when has Betsy been a nickname for Elizabeth?  Just learned that one today.

My big news is I've been accepted to graduate school!  Super exciting!!  I'm studying School Psychology starting in September. Luckily it doesn't require me to make huge life changes like moving across the country or anything....but I'll certainly miss the regular paychecks since I'll be quitting my job!  The end goal is to work as a school psychologist in an elementary school after I'm done with the 3-year program.  It feels great to be moving forward, I'm excited to be a student again, and best of all I know it's what God wants me to be doing right now.  That, my friends, brings a satisfaction that runs deep and sustains me through hard times.