Saturday, November 29, 2014

A week in the south

Every time I visit Louisiana I remember things I forgot and I learn new things.

Highlights of this trip included:
Being there when Corey's parents remarried (I even got to be one of the legal witnesses! Never done that before!!)
Seeing gigantic trees ----- oh my goodness.  They don't even fit in the photos they are so huge, but also so beautiful, awe inspiring. And the Spanish moss hanging down just takes the cake.  Note the people in the first photo for perspective.

Hanging out with the fam, including meeting a new cutie pie niece A.C.
Going on runs in the beautiful country neighborhood with tons of trees (and shade)
Not doing homework (although I have been avoiding it, so that's not good either)
Leaving the house without a coat or scarf!
Eating me some good southern eats (boudin balls-they pronounce it boo-dan down here, gumbo, and more)
Plantation sight seeing (ok, and more trees) - this is Houmas House plantation which was a sugar cane plantation and a section of the house was built in 1774 and people still live there today. Interesting fact- most of the plantations in this specific region were owned by blacks who had slaves, but this plantation owner purchased the plantation and freed the slaves and then hired any that still wanted to work for him, all about a year before the Civil War started.
Touring LSU campus (this is Corey's mom with my nephew waiting for the bell tower to ring)
Successfully giving a talk in church with Corey (the highlight of that for me is that it went well and is over, haha; he's sad it's over)
Helping out to play the piano in the 7-child Primary
Enjoying the glorious weather
Taking naps
Lots of Fritos chips.  I don't know why they are my current junk food of choice, but they surely are tasty in all their greasy caloric wonder.
Also, I forgot to get a photo of the gutters, but let me tell you they put Utah gutters to shame, and they're not even called gutters they are called ditches because they are that big and intense!! Corey even used to play mud football in them sometimes.
Thanksgiving dinner and college football.  I've never really had that experience before, it was definitely a first, and on top of that LSU won the game. (not that I watched much of it)
Successfully making Janel's amazing sweet potato casserole for the first time! source here (with some slight modifications)

So long, Luzey-anna.  Til next time!

Wednesday, July 02, 2014


You know you haven't blogged in a long time when the url of your blog doesn't automatically pop up when you start typing it.  Haha.

Oscillating fans.  What is it about them that is so comforting, that takes me back years and years?

Also, since when has Betsy been a nickname for Elizabeth?  Just learned that one today.

My big news is I've been accepted to graduate school!  Super exciting!!  I'm studying School Psychology starting in September. Luckily it doesn't require me to make huge life changes like moving across the country or anything....but I'll certainly miss the regular paychecks since I'll be quitting my job!  The end goal is to work as a school psychologist in an elementary school after I'm done with the 3-year program.  It feels great to be moving forward, I'm excited to be a student again, and best of all I know it's what God wants me to be doing right now.  That, my friends, brings a satisfaction that runs deep and sustains me through hard times.