Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Words & Spelling

This week I learned two new things about words:

1 - It's not spelled tempermental, but rather temperamental.  Wha??? Since when?!!

2 - The phrase is not "First come, first serve" as I always thought, but rather "first come, first served".  I learned this one from my Primary secretary.  It makes sense, but how come I never knew that!

Glad to know I'm still learning after college, even if the more I learn the more I realize I don't know...sign of a lifelong learner I guess?  Karl G. Maeser would be prowd.  I mean proud.


Kimberly said...

Just so long as you know that it's patriARchal, not patriARTIchal blessing. Misuse that one and you might get cut from Dad's will! ;)

krista said...

If it makes you feel better, I didn't really know either of those tidbits...so does that make my Master's degree null and void?

Becca said...

Well, I know someone who tried to mama and papa wheelie until she was like 25. (kmw)
Jordan made fun of me quite a bit when I confessed I hadn't realized it was gallop and trot, instead of "gallopatrot..."

janel said...

How did I not know about this blog entry until now? I was studying with Sage for the spelling bee, and I thought it was a little bit naughty to have this word on the 8th grade list: hors d’oeuvre (apostrophe and all). I could barely pronounce it, much less spell it.

Ted Herrlich said...

It's always interesting to learn that some of the sayings we use commonly are actually incorrect. For example 'You have another thing coming' is actually 'you have another think coming'.

Also learning the origin of some of the phrases, such as 'ball to the wall' is apparently a reference to testing aircraft back when the throttle had a small ball on top, so the pilot could know they were holding the throttle without looking down. Pushing the throttle completely forward pushed the ball to maximum thrust and also hit a physical stop -- the wall, hence 'balls to the wall'.

English is a strange language, and coming from Brooklyn means it's actually my second language :-)