Saturday, February 04, 2012


Tonight we used a birthday gift card and went and got some tasty Chili's food for dinner. Thanks Mommie! (Corey's adorable grandma)

Corey is (brace yourselves, readers!!) READING HARRY POTTER!!!! An exact quote from five seconds ago, "Agggh this book is making me sick!!! I'm not going to sleep tonight, I've gotta read." OH BABY!!! Finally he's jumping on the bandwagon. Funny thing though, he couldn't sleep last night (he has had insomnia lately), and was tossing and turning at 6am when I finally woke up and realized he hadn't gone to sleep the whole night. Desperate, I grabbed Harry Potter and started reading it out loud. And guess who was asleep by the middle of the 2nd chapter? hahahaha and now he's hooked (already on p. 167). :) I'm so pleased. Also, to show he is a Harry Potter book fan, he watched part of the movie online but stopped because it was so insulting to the book. Also, he started singing the Harry Potter theme song in Solfege. (Think: Mi la do ti la mi re ti, la do ti si li mi....) I love my husband!!

And to top off the weekend, he's gonna do an awesome jeopardy singing time in Primary tomorrow so all the women can meet together during 3rd hour. What a hunk. (Thanks Janel for the genius singing time tips!) And no, the Harry Potter theme (Hedwig's Theme) isn't on the docket...although with Corey, you never do know for sure until it's happening. :)

Click here for the genius lesson plan. (not sure if it will work, I'm trying linking it to a google doc)