Friday, November 30, 2012

A Purse List

The other day I came home from work and made some comment about how my purse was so heavy and I just had to clean it out cause it had so much junk in it.  Then I promptly lay down on the bed to take a nap. 

Well, while I was lying down Corey took my purse and totally emptied it for me.  And this is what he found:

29 bobby pins
13 dainty mints
$178 not in wallet (believe me, I don't usually carry around this much cash!!!)
variety of candy (mostly tootsie rolls, fruit snacks, etc)
12 pens, pencils, markers, etc.
9 bands (8 hair/1 rubber)
4 crystal lites 
opened salt packet
very thick wallet
lots of tissue
hand sanitizer
cold medicine and ibuprofen
2 lip glosses, 1 mascara
lots of scrap paper
2 water bottles
2 paper clips
lots of earrings

All in one "little" purse!  Now, I could explain to you why I have each item in the bag, and there is a (usually valid) reason for each thing.  But honestly, what a lot of baggage and rubbish to be lugging around!  Not to mention how it's hard to find things when they are swimming in the bottom of a bag (namely keys and cell phone).  My cousin Kristin says she doesn't use purses because things just get too lost in them...she sure is right.  What in the world am I going to do one day when I have a diaper bag that is 3 times the size of this purse?!   I'm sunk.  Good thing I don't have to worry about that for a while yet.  For now I'll just work on lugging around less junk in my life, both literally and figuratively.

Saturday, March 24, 2012


- My mom is amazing. Yesterday she came and helped me clean the house and do yardwork for almost SIX HOURS. Good thing Dad is away on a business trip so he didn't miss her too much.

- I finished Thoughts of a Grasshopper by Louise Plummer this week. It's a cute collection of short stories, experiences, etc by an LDS author. I loved the chapter on journal writing and may use it in the future if I ever am teaching a class on keeping a journal. It was a funny, quick read. It also made me want to write on my blog more. Hence, one reason you are reading this post.

- I learned how to use my pressure cooker. I am now a major follower of pressure cookers! Thanks, Mom, for helping me make the jump into awesomeness.

- We have a cat. Kind of. We're borrowing her from my sister Janel, and trying to get her potty/litter-trained. We decided to name her Mademoiselle and call her "Miss Maddie" for short, but most of the time just call her kitty. I am getting used to having a real pet (fish and frogs and annoying bunnies and stray cats named Gink don't count) for the first time in my life. Let's just say, it is an incredibly huge adjustment.

- I found out I'm allergic to collophony. Colla-what? (Sounds like a knock-knock joke.) Basically, it comes from the sap of certain trees and is the stuff in rosin (for string instrument bows). It shouldn't affect me too much in my life. Like, at all. But it's random, and it's a snippet, and that's what this blog is.

- It's been almost one year since I graduated from BYU. I cannot express adequately on this blog how much I miss being in school. I know, all the students out there are thinking, "You're crazy." And I don't miss all the (and there was plenty of it in my school career) cramming for and taking finals, staying up laaaaate to write papers, and all that jazz. But I miss the continual increasing of my intellectual abilities, the formal learning environment, the incredible atmosphere of campus. I miss learning from professors who had so much to offer me. (Particularly in my religion, language, and humanities classes.) I miss seeing hundreds of people every day. It was a fantastic place to run into old friends and catch up for a minute or two on what was going on in their life. But, alas, my life has moved on, and I'm grateful to have a job and an income now! (albeit small income.) But whenever I have occasion to be on campus, I feel pretty homesick. I want to go back and get a Master's degree sometime, but I don't know what to get it in. And it seems pretty silly to get a Master's just to be in school. So for now, I work. And dream of school.

- Last night I dreamed that I went to the Sunday church services of an LDS ward in Eastern Utah by a big forest, and after the meetings the bishopI got called to be the Relief Society President. I said, "Are you sure?" to the bishop, and he said yes, and so I accepted the calling. It wasn't until I was driving the 3-4 hours home that I realized 1) I didn't even live in the ward boundaries and 2) It was a singles ward and I was married.

- I rarely exercise these days. When I start feeling antsy and want to go exercise, I know it's been waaay too long. Then I see a Reese's Peanut Butter Egg ... and the exercise thought promptly jumps ship.

- I went to a mosque last week! It brought back so many memories of Jerusalem and my experience there three years ago. Heather was kind enough to let me tag along on her class field trip to Salt Lake. It was wonderful - it always is for me, if I'm in the right mindset - to be able to observe others worshiping in the way they know how. We can gain so much truth from other faiths if we but open our eyes to see the good and truth they possess. And, I really, really love Muslims. Really. They are fabulous, wonderful people. Along with going to the mosque, we went to an authentic Middle Eastern restaurant in Salt Lake. It was there that I tasted goat for the first time in my life. It was nasty.

- There are flowers blooming outside the front door. One positive of living in a basement is that when flowers are planted in the ground, they are just about eye-level. So you can't miss 'em! Purple, yellow, and pink. A bright spot to my day. The daffodils are coming up and the crocus are out as well. And last week I cleared away the tomato cages (and dead tomato plants) from last summer/fall that have almost become permanent fixtures in our (not-so-trashy-anymore) yard.

- Insomnia stinks.

- Growing up in the Wilson house, it was a major no-no to put any sort of screw, nail, push pin, or thumb tack in the walls. Therefore, I have, as an adult, been petrified to hang picture frames. Mom came to the rescue again, pounding away with gusto and confidence, and we finally have wedding photos on the walls.

- The oven has been "preheating" on broil for the past hour, at least, because I was going to make a cheese sandwich but haven't gotten around to it. Don't tell the landlord. He's out of town on a business trip, so we're good. :)

- People have been so kind lately. I'm so thankful for the little things, and the big things that people do. I am thankful that Heavenly Father - and others - are so patient with me. (Including my husband, my parents, my siblings, my in-laws, my tenants, my visiting teachees, my friends in Primary, my blog readers, my ward friends and friends in general, and my extended relatives.) I have many weaknesses, and I also have many strengths. I know that faithfulness in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints does not make us immune from struggles and hard times; but it more fully allows and equips us to not only withstand the trials, but to become purified through them. I recently read this quote by Anne Morrow Lindbergh, as quoted in a talk entitled "Enduring Well" by Elder Neal A. Maxwell.
“I do not believe that sheer suffering teaches. If suffering alone taught, all the world would be wise, since everyone suffers. To suffering must be added mourning, understanding, patience, love, openness, and the willingness to remain vulnerable” (“Lindbergh Nightmare,” Time, 5 Feb. 1973, 35).
- General Conference is in just 7 days. Corey sometimes likes to do a "media fast" the week before conference to get in the zone (no facebook, espn, surfing, TV, radio, secular music, etc; only email and other necessary technology). I'm looking forward to feeling (hopefully) the Holy Ghost more strongly in my life, and desiring a deeper testimony of Jesus Christ and of living prophets. I love to pray that everyone participating in Conference will be blessed and inspired as they prepare their talks.

- I belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. And I am proud of it.

Saturday, February 04, 2012


Tonight we used a birthday gift card and went and got some tasty Chili's food for dinner. Thanks Mommie! (Corey's adorable grandma)

Corey is (brace yourselves, readers!!) READING HARRY POTTER!!!! An exact quote from five seconds ago, "Agggh this book is making me sick!!! I'm not going to sleep tonight, I've gotta read." OH BABY!!! Finally he's jumping on the bandwagon. Funny thing though, he couldn't sleep last night (he has had insomnia lately), and was tossing and turning at 6am when I finally woke up and realized he hadn't gone to sleep the whole night. Desperate, I grabbed Harry Potter and started reading it out loud. And guess who was asleep by the middle of the 2nd chapter? hahahaha and now he's hooked (already on p. 167). :) I'm so pleased. Also, to show he is a Harry Potter book fan, he watched part of the movie online but stopped because it was so insulting to the book. Also, he started singing the Harry Potter theme song in Solfege. (Think: Mi la do ti la mi re ti, la do ti si li mi....) I love my husband!!

And to top off the weekend, he's gonna do an awesome jeopardy singing time in Primary tomorrow so all the women can meet together during 3rd hour. What a hunk. (Thanks Janel for the genius singing time tips!) And no, the Harry Potter theme (Hedwig's Theme) isn't on the docket...although with Corey, you never do know for sure until it's happening. :)

Click here for the genius lesson plan. (not sure if it will work, I'm trying linking it to a google doc)

Monday, January 23, 2012

Spoiled Milk

Spoiled milk is good as a substitute for buttermilk (and sometimes even regular milk) in a lot of recipes, including pancakes and muffins and buttermilk syrup. Especially if you're poor. Just in case you're wondering, though, it doesn't work too well as a substitute for regular milk when making a white sauce.

In spite of the obvious[to me]-bitter-taste-and-funky-aftertaste, Corey liked the stroganoff! (I didn't tell him I used spoiled milk, and tried to cover the bitterness with onions, green bell peppers, and cajun spices.) All in all, I'm grateful I have such a low-maintenance husband who will eat pretty much anything I put on the table (and that Cajun never makes a fuss, even when it's blander than bland).

I haven't disturbed the stroganoff leftovers which are, hopefully, molding in the fridge (along with a few other things we didn't get around to eating before they were past their prime. Although, in my opinion, the stroganoff was past its prime the moment I decided to use the rotten milk...). It's a trick we've learned well: if you're not too hot about a food item, just leave it in the fridge (or "forget about it") long enough for it to sprout stuff, and then you are perfectly justified in tossing the spoils. It eases both of our consciences. Somewhat.

Unfortunately, though, sometimes the It's Moldy! Where's the Trash? excuse doesn't work. We are the current owners of two butternut squash that have been sitting there for three months, and no sign of fuzzies or unnatural sprouts.

Then again, maybe it's just a chance for me to practice my patience.