Friday, October 14, 2011

It's Opera Time Again!

This is what I posted on facebook today.
Come see/hear Corey in the opera ON THE 15TH (TOMORROW), 19TH, or 21st!, 7pm in the HFAC on BYU campus. He's one of the 3 wise men, so you'd be wise to come (har har).

10/15: $10. (CHEAPEST NIGHT)
10/19: $14 (if BYU Alumni/Senior Citizen) or $11 (if student).
10/21: $14 (if BYU Alumni/Senior Citizen) or $12 (if student).
Children age 4-11:
10/15: $5
10/19 & 10/21: $6

"To celebrate Menotti's 100th anniversary, these two family-friendly operas are the perfect way to introduce children to the wonders of live opera performance."

I'm so proud of Corey for all his hard work and dedication to the opera. It's paying off as he was cast in a bigger role this time. Huzzah!! and also huzzah for the beautiful weather and fall colors!!!

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Corey said...

This is Corey's friend, Reyoc! Oh my goodness, I went to Corey's dress rehearsal tonight and he was soooo good!! You all really should come cause he is rockin' it!!