Monday, July 04, 2011

Catching Up: May and June

Happy Fourth of July!

Here are some of the things that have been going on.

Corey has been very busy with school. He is taking a killer schedule this term (9 credits during a summer term = 18 credits during a regular fall/winter semester). He even skipped the parade this morning and did homework and took a practice test during it! That boy is dedicated to school this term.

I graduated (need to post photos) am still unemployed and looking for a full-time job. If you happen to know of anywhere that is hiring full-time in Provo/Orem area or even Utah County, please let me know! Or if you have any suggestions / recommendations / connections, I'd be very grateful for them. At this point in time I am not attached to getting something in my field (speech pathology), although it would be nice.

Now for the photo catch-up.

Opera! Corey did a fabulous job. The director and other high-up people seemed very pleased with his performance. We hope there are bigger roles coming in the future! (I'll definitely keep you informed.)

(My thoughts: Getcher hand off of my man!! just kidding the two couples - Corey and me, and Laura (girl pictured) and her husband - have a great relationship that made it much less awkward that our spouses had to kiss each other!)

Corey's birthday!! It was a chill birthday, in part due to the opera being the following week. We went to the temple, a voice recital of some friends, and spent some time at my family's. I didn't take too many pictures during the day (oops), but here are two...of food...from the celebration (can you tell what my mind's on?? Sorry Corey!!!). Corey's family was good enough to each send me memories of Corey that I read out loud during our traditional "sunshine moment."

Janel made beignets (another of Corey's favorite, French pastry) - fancy scones with powdered sugar... heaven.

I made raspberry trifle (Corey's favorite), including real pudding. (It's the first time I've ever attempted non-instant/box pudding. I'm a major major fan of the taste, not so much of the nutritional facts of the 3 egg yolks. But so delicious!!)

We spent the night at the Williams' (a couple of times). One time was when we went to a Bells on Temple Square concert. Very cool. We also ran into one of our friends who is serving on Temple Square! Anyway, these next 4 photos are all very similar, but I just love them all! So there you are. Me with the Williams' kiddos. Notice Eliza actually smiling in the third one! A true miracle, right?

I went downstairs to get ready for bed and couldn't find Corey anywhere. I finally opened the door to the garage, and here's what I saw:

Yes, that furry blob on his shoulders is the Williams' new kitty. Corey wishes it were the Bennetts' new kitty. Corey adores her. (And I daresay she adores him.) Since she's an outdoor cat only (supposedly), he seriously considered dragging the futon into the garage and sleeping in the garage with her. (But was only deterred because Janel and Mark had sprayed pesticide or something and the fumes were pretty strong in the garage.) Can you tell I'm married to a true animal lover?

On the way home from the Williams', Corey and I went to the Draper temple! I have only ever been outside, during Kristen's wedding. (I was in Jerusalem during the open house). It is BEAUTIFUL inside. Especially the celestial room (my personal favorite). We did an endowment session. I'm so grateful to be able to perform that essential service for others who have passed on to the next life.

Baby Brooke!
My sister Becca had Brooke on June 12. She had some breathing complications the first couple of days, so these pictures were taken when we visited her in the Newborn ICU at the hospital. Way to go Becca!!! Brooke is beautiful.

What a natural.


Linda said...

What a kaleidoscope of activities for those brief weeks! A whirlwind of serious fun & work! I'm glad you both survived (and thrived) in it.

Liz Wilcken said...

Wow. If a woman had to kiss Brian for a play, I think I'd head up the stage and slap her silly all the same. You're a brave woman.

janel said...

What a busy summer so far! And you didn't even mention all the times you've come up to bail me out with birthday party help, scout camp help, and how you kept Sage outside the bell concert half the time! You big nicey. Love the pics. The one of the begnets made me hungry...

Becca said...

Wowie, busy lady! You're amazin'!

Becca said...

cute pics of you, corey and bambina! :) thanks for coming to the hospital to visit us!

Danielle said...

Wow, you did a lot! Cindy asked if the other girl Corey was performing with was Suzy. :) I wish I had tasted the yummy birthday treats, and I had no idea Corey was such an animal lover! I wouldn't have even considered sleeping in a garage to be with a cat!!

Casey said...

Corey you are more than welcome to take home VooDoo and Brucee!! : ) Looks like y'all have been having a wonderful time. Love the baby pics, LOVE the baby pics, LOVE the baby pics or yeah did I say I love the baby may take that anyway you like!! : )