Thursday, June 16, 2011

His fame continues to the byu devotional!

First of all, thanks to EVERYONE who supported us (Corey) with the opera last week!!! I'll post pictures soon.

Secondly, Corey is singing a vocal solo in the BYU Devotional this coming Tuesday! Watch it on byutv on Tuesday at 11:05am Mountain Time. (I'm pretty sure you have to create a user name and password if you watch it online.) Or, if you want to hear him live and in person, hit up the DeJong Concert Hall in the HFAC on campus. Don't miss it! He'll be singing "I Stand All Amazed" during the first ten minutes or so (and I'll be accompanying)!

boy is he loving all this stage time he's getting... let's all make sure it doesn't go to his head... :)