Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Little Things

Lately I have been especially grateful for little things in my life. These include:

- The overhead light in a car that turns on when you open the door
- The satisfaction of conserving paper by using no more than one-fourth a sheet of lined paper for in-class quizzes (ha ha I'm so stingy)
- Milk that lasts long past the sell-by date (thank you Costco milk!!)
- Functional windshield wipers
- I'm not anemic. Story: When I gave blood I was worried that I'd be anemic because we hadn't eaten red meat in weeks, and I never eat raisins, I'm a girl, my sisters and mom get turned away for low iron, etc... The good news is that I'm not anemic. How? Thanks to Dad and the huge bag of spinach he gave to us.
- Functioning computers
- An old journal entry I forgot about
- BYU Info
- Telling others you are praying for them
- Space heaters that turn on when you tell them to
- Zippers that zip
- The silverware organizer that my Aunt Carolyn gave us
- A mouse for the laptop
- Being a conscientious citizen
- Boots that double as snow scrapers during random snow storms
- Batteries that last longer than they should (just one more picture! and another! and another?!...)
- Text messaging
- A mechanical pencil I found on the ground
- I haven't lost my BYU ID card all semester!!!
- Homemade (not by me) pizza for breakfast
- The grass turning green
- [This is a big thing but I am really grateful for:] A caring husband who loves and supports me so much.


janel said...

I read and reread the list three times to try and find my name on there, or my influence (granola binges? the hole cut in the bedroom wall by the baseboards that goes to the living room? carpet stains from sage's spit up?). I'm grateful for Suzy who shows me how to be humble and grateful and enjoy oatmeal seven (plus) times a week.

Linda said...

Amen with Janel. You are easy to please when the "simple things" make you happy.

Corey said...

You forgot to add:
the smell of freshly cut grass
a full drawer of utensils
Christmas lights set up in your bedroom
your reaction when you kill a bug or a spider
an email stating class has been canceled
the sound my cell phone makes when I call you :)

Becca said...

I'm glad you're so easy to please too! (then I can get rid of really heavy bready pizza easier!) :) We're grateful Suzy's house is no more than a few steps away! Yay!

krista said...

maybe you should visit grandpa robins for some more red meat...
this was a fun list. hope vegas is fun. you should swing by mesa!