Wednesday, February 16, 2011


The David Archuleta concert! We almost missed it due to taking our last finals and awful traffic, but we made it into the overflow room just in the nick of time. They closed the doors three people after us. The music was beautiful.
(Mark, Janel, me, Corey)

(ha ha I'm laughing my head off - for some reason Blogger won't let me make this picture smaller!!!)

Before heading home from the concert, thanks to a coupon, we hit up a cupcake shop (forgot the name). (Corey took advantage of his Southern drawl...a story for another time.) Anyway, these cupcakes were delish! The coconut took the (cup)cake, in my opinion.

After the concert, we slept over at the Williams' and had snowman pancakes for breakfast. Apparently Eliza loved them - a lot...
(Eliza, Corey)

Thanks to my wonderful mother-in-law, we went out to eat in SLC and I tried eggplant for the first time - and loved it! sooo... good...
(We forgot to take a picture until we had the to-go boxes. Oops.)
Katie got married! Woot woot! We've all grown so much since those Bowen 11 days three years ago.
(Amanda, Katie, me, Lauren; not pictured: Kristen & Melissa)

We loved this show at the Hale Center Theater! Thanks, Mom and Dad!
Joy is awesome at making French bread (thanks for the recipe, Krista!)
Bennett cousin dinner
(Josh, Melody, Joy, me, Aunt Melanie, Corey, Uncle Bill, Amy)


janel said...

I can only wish that the number of pictures of Mark, me, and my big nostrils on this December entry were representative of the amount of time we really got to spend with you in December. Eliza told me, just a few days ago, that “I love both of us as much as I love Suzy’s pancakes.” Aww.

Linda said...

I'm so happy your camera is back and we're catching up on what we've been missing!

Becca said...

Yeah, yay for your camera! We get to see you again!