Monday, February 14, 2011

the brave little camera

My camera. I haven't seen it since Dec. 25 (which turns out is when I left it in the car...oops), and I had assumed that it had gotten stolen since I had possibly left it in our car overnight. It hadn't turned up in weeks (my room is messy....but not THAT messy...okay maybe it is but I knew it wasn't in the house). Anyway, I very sadly resigned myself (is that proper grammar?) never to see it again. It wasn't that expensive ($75 I think! on major sale, and I got it right before I went to Jerusalem over 2 years ago), and it's not super high quality or fancy, but still! That little thing has been a lot of places with me! (Jerusalem, Egypt, Sea of Galilee, Jordan, Mediterranean Sea, Louisiana, California, and more.) And our current budget is such that it cannot accommodate the purchase of a new camera ... Also, a blog (at least, mine) without any pictures is kind of boring (in my opinion). And, what's the fun of cooking or baking a masterpiece if you can't at least take a photo of it?? Actually, Corey is just awesome at reinforcing my efforts at just about anything I try, so truthfully, that is enough. I like taking photos to remember it though. Anyway, so I had just given myself up to a picture-less blog and boring emails back to family in Louisiana until some vague point in the future when we'd get another camera.

Good thing Dad for some reason was cleaning out the van and he found it! I guess I left it in the car when we drove somewhere on Christmas. Huzzah!!! I picked it up at his office on campus today, and in celebration this was the first picture I took.

Don't they look studly? And Dad is wearing his pink shirt in honor of V-day, of course. :)

The second photo was food (naturally): the breadstick heart (aw, cute) I made tonight so we could have something to dip in our spaghetti sauce + homemade alfredo = tasty sauce. Thanks for the recipe, Mom.
More pictures to come!


Brian & Kyla said...

Yay for finding your camera!

Danielle said...

Yay for your camera! You of all people need one to document all the beautiful things you see all the time. I love the studly picture with the pink heart, and NICE JOB on the heart breadstick! HA

janel said...

Love the reference to the brave little toaster!!! I made breadsticks last night and never thought of making one into a heart? Hello! Awesome!

Becca said...

You finally found it! I was going to give you my old one! Awesome possum breadsticks!

Linda said...

It always pays to clean the car. :) Thanks for catching Dad in his V-day man-for-all-seasons BDP. :) I'm looking forward to more photo-accompanied blogs...but especially the blogs.