Saturday, February 12, 2011 a good way I hope?

I just counted up the number of blogs I'm "subscribed" to on Google Reader.

Yes, it's official

I am addicted.

I really love checking blogs.

Following someone's blog makes me feel like in some way I'm being a good friend - even though I may not have seen or talked to that friend in months.

It's also a lot of fun.

To those of you who have blogs out there,

thanks for posting!

I'm especially excited that my brother recently joined the blog bandwagon, as the last of the Wilson siblings to succumb to plog pressure. (haha) And it's a recipe blog (at least for now). Yum. He really likes cream cheese, though, so I think I might need to invest if I ever want to make any of his recipes.

Ready for the confession?

Here we go.

Drumroll please....

I follow

no less than


While I realize I could be doing other things with my time rather than reading blogs, they give me a nice respite from homework and an excuse to procrastinate; I feel like I'm a good friend; for those who post often, I feel like I get updates on your lives; and it's a fun hobby (or at least I console myself by believing that vigilantly reading blogs is a hobby). Also, most of these blogs have maybe one post a week (or less), so it's actually not like I'm reading 74 blog posts every single morning for an hour as I eat my cereal. Just, like 10 or 12.

So thanks.

Keep posting, please.

PS - I personally know the blogger of every blog I follow, with the exception of,,,,, and
Also, to be totally honest, I actually am currently subscribed to more than 74 blogs, but some of them are outdated/no longer in use and I didn't count those.


Jordan said...

You still have my old blog in your side bar?! I hope you have our new one in your reader (I assume you do, since I'm pretty sure you've commented at least once).

Emily Claire said...

I loved this post! I'm up there with you on number of blogs I stalk-- but the number of people I know... well I follow a lot of food blogs :)
BUT- Kristen made the amazing discovery that one of the sisters on sisterscafe goes to church IN MY BUILDING back home! What a small world that is! So Mom's job is to find her, then we will know them :)

Linda said...

I think this obviously reflects your love for people...and they obviously love you back. No wonder.

Rachel said...

Make it 75:)

PS, I really do enjoy our hour together on Wednesday nights.

Danielle said...

Ha ha!! That is impressive. Especially since they are all current! I'm just trying to give you a more manageable reading load by only posting like once a year.

Brian & Kyla said...

I'm impressed Suzy! 74! I love reading blogs too, but I think I've got find a few more to keep up with ya :)

Becca said...

wowie! No wonder you're always running to class--a little bloggios in the morning! :)