Wednesday, February 16, 2011


The David Archuleta concert! We almost missed it due to taking our last finals and awful traffic, but we made it into the overflow room just in the nick of time. They closed the doors three people after us. The music was beautiful.
(Mark, Janel, me, Corey)

(ha ha I'm laughing my head off - for some reason Blogger won't let me make this picture smaller!!!)

Before heading home from the concert, thanks to a coupon, we hit up a cupcake shop (forgot the name). (Corey took advantage of his Southern drawl...a story for another time.) Anyway, these cupcakes were delish! The coconut took the (cup)cake, in my opinion.

After the concert, we slept over at the Williams' and had snowman pancakes for breakfast. Apparently Eliza loved them - a lot...
(Eliza, Corey)

Thanks to my wonderful mother-in-law, we went out to eat in SLC and I tried eggplant for the first time - and loved it! sooo... good...
(We forgot to take a picture until we had the to-go boxes. Oops.)
Katie got married! Woot woot! We've all grown so much since those Bowen 11 days three years ago.
(Amanda, Katie, me, Lauren; not pictured: Kristen & Melissa)

We loved this show at the Hale Center Theater! Thanks, Mom and Dad!
Joy is awesome at making French bread (thanks for the recipe, Krista!)
Bennett cousin dinner
(Josh, Melody, Joy, me, Aunt Melanie, Corey, Uncle Bill, Amy)

Monday, February 14, 2011

the brave little camera

My camera. I haven't seen it since Dec. 25 (which turns out is when I left it in the car...oops), and I had assumed that it had gotten stolen since I had possibly left it in our car overnight. It hadn't turned up in weeks (my room is messy....but not THAT messy...okay maybe it is but I knew it wasn't in the house). Anyway, I very sadly resigned myself (is that proper grammar?) never to see it again. It wasn't that expensive ($75 I think! on major sale, and I got it right before I went to Jerusalem over 2 years ago), and it's not super high quality or fancy, but still! That little thing has been a lot of places with me! (Jerusalem, Egypt, Sea of Galilee, Jordan, Mediterranean Sea, Louisiana, California, and more.) And our current budget is such that it cannot accommodate the purchase of a new camera ... Also, a blog (at least, mine) without any pictures is kind of boring (in my opinion). And, what's the fun of cooking or baking a masterpiece if you can't at least take a photo of it?? Actually, Corey is just awesome at reinforcing my efforts at just about anything I try, so truthfully, that is enough. I like taking photos to remember it though. Anyway, so I had just given myself up to a picture-less blog and boring emails back to family in Louisiana until some vague point in the future when we'd get another camera.

Good thing Dad for some reason was cleaning out the van and he found it! I guess I left it in the car when we drove somewhere on Christmas. Huzzah!!! I picked it up at his office on campus today, and in celebration this was the first picture I took.

Don't they look studly? And Dad is wearing his pink shirt in honor of V-day, of course. :)

The second photo was food (naturally): the breadstick heart (aw, cute) I made tonight so we could have something to dip in our spaghetti sauce + homemade alfredo = tasty sauce. Thanks for the recipe, Mom.
More pictures to come!

Saturday, February 12, 2011 a good way I hope?

I just counted up the number of blogs I'm "subscribed" to on Google Reader.

Yes, it's official

I am addicted.

I really love checking blogs.

Following someone's blog makes me feel like in some way I'm being a good friend - even though I may not have seen or talked to that friend in months.

It's also a lot of fun.

To those of you who have blogs out there,

thanks for posting!

I'm especially excited that my brother recently joined the blog bandwagon, as the last of the Wilson siblings to succumb to plog pressure. (haha) And it's a recipe blog (at least for now). Yum. He really likes cream cheese, though, so I think I might need to invest if I ever want to make any of his recipes.

Ready for the confession?

Here we go.

Drumroll please....

I follow

no less than


While I realize I could be doing other things with my time rather than reading blogs, they give me a nice respite from homework and an excuse to procrastinate; I feel like I'm a good friend; for those who post often, I feel like I get updates on your lives; and it's a fun hobby (or at least I console myself by believing that vigilantly reading blogs is a hobby). Also, most of these blogs have maybe one post a week (or less), so it's actually not like I'm reading 74 blog posts every single morning for an hour as I eat my cereal. Just, like 10 or 12.

So thanks.

Keep posting, please.

PS - I personally know the blogger of every blog I follow, with the exception of,,,,, and
Also, to be totally honest, I actually am currently subscribed to more than 74 blogs, but some of them are outdated/no longer in use and I didn't count those.

Wednesday, February 09, 2011


Look familiar? photo by Josh, the mayor's son-in-law
This view of Mt. Timpanogos infuses my soul with spirituality and thoughts of heaven. There's nothing like a little perspective to get you back on track.