Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Exercise Our Agency In Righteousness

Tonight I listened to Elder Hales' talk from the October 2010 General Conference. His powerful testimony and closing remarks marked me. I ask you to read it slowly.

"I bear my special witness that They live. When we exercise our agency in righteousness, we come to know Them, become more like Them, and prepare ourselves for that day when “every knee shall bow, and every tongue confess” that Jesus is our Savior. May we continue to follow Him and our Eternal Father, as we did in the beginning, I pray in the name of Jesus Christ, amen."

When was the last time your testimony was strengthened of your personal faith and life in the premortal world? I encourage you to really ponder on how you personally "follow[ed Jesus Christ] and our Eternal Father, as [you] did in the beginning." If each of us does that for just 5-10 minutes, I do not doubt that we will be motivated to continue to follow Them - and on the path to ultimately come to know Them. For indeed, we will be exercising our agency in righteousness.

Click here to read an incredible scripture about the power of testimony in the premortal realms (Rev 12:9-11, esp. v. 11)
Click here to read Elder Hales' full talk


Linda said...

I think it's the essence of the sacrament . . . to "always remember him" . . . throughout the day in all we do.

Sarah Wills said...

I like the line "May we continue to follow Him and our Eternal Father, as we did in the beginning". It gives me hope.