Friday, October 14, 2011

It's Opera Time Again!

This is what I posted on facebook today.
Come see/hear Corey in the opera ON THE 15TH (TOMORROW), 19TH, or 21st!, 7pm in the HFAC on BYU campus. He's one of the 3 wise men, so you'd be wise to come (har har).

10/15: $10. (CHEAPEST NIGHT)
10/19: $14 (if BYU Alumni/Senior Citizen) or $11 (if student).
10/21: $14 (if BYU Alumni/Senior Citizen) or $12 (if student).
Children age 4-11:
10/15: $5
10/19 & 10/21: $6

"To celebrate Menotti's 100th anniversary, these two family-friendly operas are the perfect way to introduce children to the wonders of live opera performance."

I'm so proud of Corey for all his hard work and dedication to the opera. It's paying off as he was cast in a bigger role this time. Huzzah!! and also huzzah for the beautiful weather and fall colors!!!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Summer 2011

I might be returning to the blogging world but then I realize I don't have much I feel like saying in this moment. So I'll post a few pictures.
Corey and I made dinner using our new(ly acquired, thanks to Rich for moving haha) grill. Yum! Grilled chicken, turkeyburger, & zucchini; fresh tomatoes and chives

Our garden grew. :)

We went and saw Mary Poppins at the Capitol Theatre in Salt Lake. What a treat!!!! We both loved it. [My first time in C.T.]

My husband is good looking (and I can't get the underline off or get it to center!!! gotta love Blogger)

I painted a house (with a cousin's help)
this is the vanna white before picture...haven't gotten around to taking an after yet but I promise it does look better

we hiked the y (4 of the 8 sisters represented here) (+ a nephew)

Corey and Micah rode in a hot air balloon for the first time

Girls' afternoon out during the Wilson reunion (my personal favorite activity of the whole thing)
all 7 girls and 1 mama pictured

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

More Random

I want to write a blog post and postpone the inevitable bedtime routine, but I don't really have much to say. So here's a list.

- The job search continues.

- Yesterday I did a batch (some people call it a "load") of laundry. Jeans were on the docket. I washed 7 pairs of jeans, and only 6 pairs were mine. Remind me why I think I need new jeans?

- Does anyone have a phone - an old school, plug in the phone jack, non-cellular, land line phone - that I can have? I'm trying out a thing called magicjack which requires an actual phone. I could probably buy one at DI, which is what I might do if no one coughs one up (or I could probably make a find if I hit up a yardsale or two come Saturday).

- Corey and I might be moving into another basement apartment just a few steps away from our current one. More on that later.

- The Brigham City Utah Temple had the statue of angel Moroni placed on top yesterday. The photos of the temple look gorgeous and are inspiring. You can learn more/see photos here.

- I'm still writing thank you cards for our wedding. Ridiculous, I know. Embarrassing, even more so. Ah me. Part of me hopes people can't do the math in their head and realize we've been married just short of 20 months. It may be tacky, but at least they are getting a thank you note, right? And even though we're nearing the two year mark, I still AM very grateful! And, I've become more grateful for everyone's service to us as I've been writing them.

Monday, July 11, 2011


The house next door has a swamp cooler attached to the side of the house, about 15-20 feet away from the window in our kitchen/dining area


Our windows are almost always open for ventilation


It sounds like we live next to a river. :D

Monday, July 04, 2011

Catching Up: May and June

Happy Fourth of July!

Here are some of the things that have been going on.

Corey has been very busy with school. He is taking a killer schedule this term (9 credits during a summer term = 18 credits during a regular fall/winter semester). He even skipped the parade this morning and did homework and took a practice test during it! That boy is dedicated to school this term.

I graduated (need to post photos) am still unemployed and looking for a full-time job. If you happen to know of anywhere that is hiring full-time in Provo/Orem area or even Utah County, please let me know! Or if you have any suggestions / recommendations / connections, I'd be very grateful for them. At this point in time I am not attached to getting something in my field (speech pathology), although it would be nice.

Now for the photo catch-up.

Opera! Corey did a fabulous job. The director and other high-up people seemed very pleased with his performance. We hope there are bigger roles coming in the future! (I'll definitely keep you informed.)

(My thoughts: Getcher hand off of my man!! just kidding the two couples - Corey and me, and Laura (girl pictured) and her husband - have a great relationship that made it much less awkward that our spouses had to kiss each other!)

Corey's birthday!! It was a chill birthday, in part due to the opera being the following week. We went to the temple, a voice recital of some friends, and spent some time at my family's. I didn't take too many pictures during the day (oops), but here are two...of food...from the celebration (can you tell what my mind's on?? Sorry Corey!!!). Corey's family was good enough to each send me memories of Corey that I read out loud during our traditional "sunshine moment."

Janel made beignets (another of Corey's favorite, French pastry) - fancy scones with powdered sugar... heaven.

I made raspberry trifle (Corey's favorite), including real pudding. (It's the first time I've ever attempted non-instant/box pudding. I'm a major major fan of the taste, not so much of the nutritional facts of the 3 egg yolks. But so delicious!!)

We spent the night at the Williams' (a couple of times). One time was when we went to a Bells on Temple Square concert. Very cool. We also ran into one of our friends who is serving on Temple Square! Anyway, these next 4 photos are all very similar, but I just love them all! So there you are. Me with the Williams' kiddos. Notice Eliza actually smiling in the third one! A true miracle, right?

I went downstairs to get ready for bed and couldn't find Corey anywhere. I finally opened the door to the garage, and here's what I saw:

Yes, that furry blob on his shoulders is the Williams' new kitty. Corey wishes it were the Bennetts' new kitty. Corey adores her. (And I daresay she adores him.) Since she's an outdoor cat only (supposedly), he seriously considered dragging the futon into the garage and sleeping in the garage with her. (But was only deterred because Janel and Mark had sprayed pesticide or something and the fumes were pretty strong in the garage.) Can you tell I'm married to a true animal lover?

On the way home from the Williams', Corey and I went to the Draper temple! I have only ever been outside, during Kristen's wedding. (I was in Jerusalem during the open house). It is BEAUTIFUL inside. Especially the celestial room (my personal favorite). We did an endowment session. I'm so grateful to be able to perform that essential service for others who have passed on to the next life.

Baby Brooke!
My sister Becca had Brooke on June 12. She had some breathing complications the first couple of days, so these pictures were taken when we visited her in the Newborn ICU at the hospital. Way to go Becca!!! Brooke is beautiful.

What a natural.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

His fame continues to the byu devotional!

First of all, thanks to EVERYONE who supported us (Corey) with the opera last week!!! I'll post pictures soon.

Secondly, Corey is singing a vocal solo in the BYU Devotional this coming Tuesday! Watch it on byutv on Tuesday at 11:05am Mountain Time. (I'm pretty sure you have to create a user name and password if you watch it online.) Or, if you want to hear him live and in person, hit up the DeJong Concert Hall in the HFAC on campus. Don't miss it! He'll be singing "I Stand All Amazed" during the first ten minutes or so (and I'll be accompanying)!

boy is he loving all this stage time he's getting... let's all make sure it doesn't go to his head... :)

Thursday, May 26, 2011

A Letter

Dear Readers,

My husband is in an opera at BYU in two weeks. Opera kind of scares some people. (I don't blame you if it does. It's probably because you don't know much about it. I didn't...before I met my husband, I lumped it together with ballet as one of those semi-unapproachable art forms.) But this opera is a comic opera, so it should be funny. And, it's based on a SHAKESPEARE play! (Much Ado About Nothing.) So obviously the plot will be excellent and witty. Also, the dialogue (and there's a decent amount) is in English. What's not in English (all the songs) is in French, but don't worry there are subtitles. And, if you go on Thursday (June 9th) it's only $6. (Saturday the 11th is $10.) AND: if you talk to me, I can give you a coupon code when you buy your tickets to get $2 off each ticket. And, if you watch the movie version of Much Ado About Nothing, it'll prep you to appreciate the opera even more.

So, there's my plug. I hope you can come! Corey even has a legitimate role this time! (Claudio)

A Wife Who Would Be Sad For No One To Come Support The Opera Because She Knows How Many Hours of Work Her Husband Has Spent On It And Besides It Will Be Fabulous So Go Buy Your Tickets To Beatrice et Benedict Right Away!!!

Friday, May 06, 2011

indecision, a road trip, and a post-script

Currently my husband is signed up for no less than FIVE religion classes for the fall.
They are: Doctrine & Covenants (2nd half), Living Prophets, Pioneers & Persecution (1846-99), Doctrines of the Gospel, and Old Testament (1st half). It'll be interesting to see which ones make the cut, cause he ain't taking them all. (this semester)

In other news, I'm going to Las Vegas with mom and sister for SIX DAYS!! to party with other sister. Husband is left behind at school. It'll be interesting to see how this separation goes - the longest ever (by far) in our history of engagement/marriage. (Personally, I think we'll weather it quite nicely.)

PS: I graduated from college! Here's one teaser photo until I post more.

photo courtesy of Linda Wilson Photography

Tuesday, May 03, 2011


Go to my family's blog here to read of our latest news. And by "our" I mean "Corey." :)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Goodbye, student status

I'm graduating this week from BYU. It is pretty unreal. I'm not exactly sure what I'm going to do with myself after I no longer have school that so heavily influences my life. I have 3 more finals left (I've always been great at procrastinating) and then a bunch of ceremonies, a geeky-looking outfit, probably some pictures so we can reminisce later, and a dinner at my parents' house to celebrate. Then - it'll all be over.

And I'll no longer be a student.

Part of me is elated! But part of me is frantic. I feel like I'm losing my identity - like someone is tearing it away from me. I picture that someone as an evil green ogre with long fingernails and lots of warts. I guess I just need to remember that I'm the one that applied for graduation in April, after all. And, if I feel like I've lost part of my identity, maybe that's just a sign that it's time for me to discover a different part of my identity that has been in the shadow of the "student" identity for the past sixteen years.

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Little Things

Lately I have been especially grateful for little things in my life. These include:

- The overhead light in a car that turns on when you open the door
- The satisfaction of conserving paper by using no more than one-fourth a sheet of lined paper for in-class quizzes (ha ha I'm so stingy)
- Milk that lasts long past the sell-by date (thank you Costco milk!!)
- Functional windshield wipers
- I'm not anemic. Story: When I gave blood I was worried that I'd be anemic because we hadn't eaten red meat in weeks, and I never eat raisins, I'm a girl, my sisters and mom get turned away for low iron, etc... The good news is that I'm not anemic. How? Thanks to Dad and the huge bag of spinach he gave to us.
- Functioning computers
- An old journal entry I forgot about
- BYU Info
- Telling others you are praying for them
- Space heaters that turn on when you tell them to
- Zippers that zip
- The silverware organizer that my Aunt Carolyn gave us
- A mouse for the laptop
- Being a conscientious citizen
- Boots that double as snow scrapers during random snow storms
- Batteries that last longer than they should (just one more picture! and another! and another?!...)
- Text messaging
- A mechanical pencil I found on the ground
- I haven't lost my BYU ID card all semester!!!
- Homemade (not by me) pizza for breakfast
- The grass turning green
- [This is a big thing but I am really grateful for:] A caring husband who loves and supports me so much.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Shabbat Shalom

It's Friday afternoon. I'm majorly craving challah bread. And the Jewish souk. And Jerusalem. And open air markets and streets signs in Hebrew, Arabic, and English, and Sacrament meeting in the Holy Land with pita bread and the best view of your life. And dried pineapple. And shabbat bread.
Click here to see hundreds photos of this heavenly Jewish sabbath bread; make sure your mouth is closed though, because your salivary glands are gonna be working overtime.

And if they aren't, it's high time you made a trip to Jerusalem. :)

Shabbat Shalom!

Tuesday, March 01, 2011


Lately I have been struggling with messiness. Sigh. My goal for this week (made Sunday night), is to put away the clothes I take off right away. And? Let's just say it's obviously a goal for a reason...

It's not just clothes that I have a problem with either. I cleaned up all the random stuff in our living room on Sunday afternoon, and by Monday afternoon stuff was somehow strewn all over again! Corey and I know we're not the neatest people ever, but we don't consider ourselves total pigs (aka really messy people).

We were brainstorming and maybe it's just that we don't have specific places for everything. Hence, our backpacks are always out; our scriptures are always out; the laptop and power cord are always out in random places; etc etc etc. Also, we have too much stuff so that complicates the matter as well.

How do you keep your living quarters neat and clean? I'd love any pointers (other than annoying ones that suggest throwing away all our stuff, because I admit that I am a pack rat and fairly attached to a lot of it).

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


The David Archuleta concert! We almost missed it due to taking our last finals and awful traffic, but we made it into the overflow room just in the nick of time. They closed the doors three people after us. The music was beautiful.
(Mark, Janel, me, Corey)

(ha ha I'm laughing my head off - for some reason Blogger won't let me make this picture smaller!!!)

Before heading home from the concert, thanks to a coupon, we hit up a cupcake shop (forgot the name). (Corey took advantage of his Southern drawl...a story for another time.) Anyway, these cupcakes were delish! The coconut took the (cup)cake, in my opinion.

After the concert, we slept over at the Williams' and had snowman pancakes for breakfast. Apparently Eliza loved them - a lot...
(Eliza, Corey)

Thanks to my wonderful mother-in-law, we went out to eat in SLC and I tried eggplant for the first time - and loved it! sooo... good...
(We forgot to take a picture until we had the to-go boxes. Oops.)
Katie got married! Woot woot! We've all grown so much since those Bowen 11 days three years ago.
(Amanda, Katie, me, Lauren; not pictured: Kristen & Melissa)

We loved this show at the Hale Center Theater! Thanks, Mom and Dad!
Joy is awesome at making French bread (thanks for the recipe, Krista!)
Bennett cousin dinner
(Josh, Melody, Joy, me, Aunt Melanie, Corey, Uncle Bill, Amy)

Monday, February 14, 2011

the brave little camera

My camera. I haven't seen it since Dec. 25 (which turns out is when I left it in the car...oops), and I had assumed that it had gotten stolen since I had possibly left it in our car overnight. It hadn't turned up in weeks (my room is messy....but not THAT messy...okay maybe it is but I knew it wasn't in the house). Anyway, I very sadly resigned myself (is that proper grammar?) never to see it again. It wasn't that expensive ($75 I think! on major sale, and I got it right before I went to Jerusalem over 2 years ago), and it's not super high quality or fancy, but still! That little thing has been a lot of places with me! (Jerusalem, Egypt, Sea of Galilee, Jordan, Mediterranean Sea, Louisiana, California, and more.) And our current budget is such that it cannot accommodate the purchase of a new camera ... Also, a blog (at least, mine) without any pictures is kind of boring (in my opinion). And, what's the fun of cooking or baking a masterpiece if you can't at least take a photo of it?? Actually, Corey is just awesome at reinforcing my efforts at just about anything I try, so truthfully, that is enough. I like taking photos to remember it though. Anyway, so I had just given myself up to a picture-less blog and boring emails back to family in Louisiana until some vague point in the future when we'd get another camera.

Good thing Dad for some reason was cleaning out the van and he found it! I guess I left it in the car when we drove somewhere on Christmas. Huzzah!!! I picked it up at his office on campus today, and in celebration this was the first picture I took.

Don't they look studly? And Dad is wearing his pink shirt in honor of V-day, of course. :)

The second photo was food (naturally): the breadstick heart (aw, cute) I made tonight so we could have something to dip in our spaghetti sauce + homemade alfredo = tasty sauce. Thanks for the recipe, Mom.
More pictures to come!

Saturday, February 12, 2011 a good way I hope?

I just counted up the number of blogs I'm "subscribed" to on Google Reader.

Yes, it's official

I am addicted.

I really love checking blogs.

Following someone's blog makes me feel like in some way I'm being a good friend - even though I may not have seen or talked to that friend in months.

It's also a lot of fun.

To those of you who have blogs out there,

thanks for posting!

I'm especially excited that my brother recently joined the blog bandwagon, as the last of the Wilson siblings to succumb to plog pressure. (haha) And it's a recipe blog (at least for now). Yum. He really likes cream cheese, though, so I think I might need to invest if I ever want to make any of his recipes.

Ready for the confession?

Here we go.

Drumroll please....

I follow

no less than


While I realize I could be doing other things with my time rather than reading blogs, they give me a nice respite from homework and an excuse to procrastinate; I feel like I'm a good friend; for those who post often, I feel like I get updates on your lives; and it's a fun hobby (or at least I console myself by believing that vigilantly reading blogs is a hobby). Also, most of these blogs have maybe one post a week (or less), so it's actually not like I'm reading 74 blog posts every single morning for an hour as I eat my cereal. Just, like 10 or 12.

So thanks.

Keep posting, please.

PS - I personally know the blogger of every blog I follow, with the exception of,,,,, and
Also, to be totally honest, I actually am currently subscribed to more than 74 blogs, but some of them are outdated/no longer in use and I didn't count those.

Wednesday, February 09, 2011


Look familiar? photo by Josh, the mayor's son-in-law
This view of Mt. Timpanogos infuses my soul with spirituality and thoughts of heaven. There's nothing like a little perspective to get you back on track.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

And you thought I was the one that slept a lot.

Corey has been in bed - sleeping - for the last FIFTEEN HOURS. And still he sleeps. (he's giving my email address a run for it's money)

Needless to say, it's been a looong week and we are super grateful for the weekend and chance to regroup. And catch up on sleep, of course!! :) :) :)

Have a great day everyone!

easy clean-up

When you realize that the only dish/utensil/plate you've used the entire day is a paring knife, a few assumptions can be made.

you're a busy college student (who's gone all day)
you're poor (toast is cheap)
you're lazy and/or rushed (lazy in French = paresseux, or paresseuse if you're a girl)

(or...all of the above?)

One result:
you're not eating healthily

at least I ate three oranges. and no fast food.

Goal for tomorrow:
use a plate.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Exercise Our Agency In Righteousness

Tonight I listened to Elder Hales' talk from the October 2010 General Conference. His powerful testimony and closing remarks marked me. I ask you to read it slowly.

"I bear my special witness that They live. When we exercise our agency in righteousness, we come to know Them, become more like Them, and prepare ourselves for that day when “every knee shall bow, and every tongue confess” that Jesus is our Savior. May we continue to follow Him and our Eternal Father, as we did in the beginning, I pray in the name of Jesus Christ, amen."

When was the last time your testimony was strengthened of your personal faith and life in the premortal world? I encourage you to really ponder on how you personally "follow[ed Jesus Christ] and our Eternal Father, as [you] did in the beginning." If each of us does that for just 5-10 minutes, I do not doubt that we will be motivated to continue to follow Them - and on the path to ultimately come to know Them. For indeed, we will be exercising our agency in righteousness.

Click here to read an incredible scripture about the power of testimony in the premortal realms (Rev 12:9-11, esp. v. 11)
Click here to read Elder Hales' full talk

Monday, January 17, 2011

Tender Mercy

For our Christmas present, my sister Janel and her husband Mark gave us tickets to The Christmas Carol at the Hale Center Theater. We loved it. The acting, costumes, music, story line, and overall atmosphere were so refreshing. It is crazy how the arts bring Corey and me closer together. In fact, we had even come directly from the temple to the play, and I was astounded to realize that the play brought us back in sync with each other more than attending the temple did. Now, this is not to say that the temple didn't have a positive effect on us, because it did. But in this case, the power of the arts on us was also undeniable. We won't be totally happy if we only ever go to the temple and do nothing else. We won't be happy if we go to plays and musicals all day, every day (although we would probably be bankrupt). For us, it's a matter of balance. Isn't that what life is really all about, though?

Speaking of the power of the arts, enjoy this thirty-second ditty. We quote it frequently around the Bennett household. :) Gutentaaaaaaag!!!!!!

ps: We got a photo of us at the theater, but I have currently misplaced the camera. Ah me.
pps: This is the first video clip I have ever successfully put on my blog. This is a big day, people.

Saturday, January 15, 2011


This week in the BYU Bookstore I noticed a small black bag made out of the skull and crossbones pattern. The sign over it read, "Scripture Totes."

Is that weird to anyone else besides me?