Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Chicken is on sale

If you're low on chicken (boneless skinless), you should stock up at Provo's Buy Low by Saturday. It's on sale for $1.39/lb! What a steal.

(Heather, you can get a ride with me so you don't have to bother parking when you come back. :)

And as long as you're there, you might as well hit up the other sales. Click here to see more of their sales this week.

The Opera and A Birthday

Corey as the 2nd Priest
(no photography allowed during the performance unfortunately)

Here he is as the 2nd Man in Armor
Can you see his smiling face??? (look close)
Good job Corey!!!! And thanks to all who came and supported him - including 1 parent, 4 sisters, and 2 brothers-in-law! We wish his family lived closer so they could have come too.

For my 22nd birthday, which was a great bday by the way, Corey and I went for a walk on the Provo River Trail. After my nap, of course.
Sisters Becca and Janel made me a special S pizza
(and of course Sage and Suzy had to have an S picture together :)
and a delicious!!! hippo cake. For those pictures, go here. :)