Wednesday, October 06, 2010

This is a shout out to how cool my husband is

Come see Corey in Mozart's Magic Flute put on by BYU! Performances start next Saturday and run for a week (excluding Sunday and Monday). Corey actually has two different smaller roles.

Oct 16, 20, 22: 2nd Man in Armor
Oct 19, 21, 23: 2nd Priest

With the 2nd Man in Armor role, he doesn't come out until the end of the opera - so don't leave early! It'll be worth the wait because he has a cool costume and gets to sing 3 songs (not solos unfortunately). But, you won't be able to see his actual face b/c he'll have a mask. :(

With the 2nd Priest, he makes his appearance earlier in the play, and has dialogue lines (i.e. just him speaking). This is nice because you can see his face (and know that you're looking at him!) and hear him individually speaking. Unfortunately with this one he only has one song. But this role has him (as you may guess from the title) as a spiritual leader - which if any of you know anything about Corey, well, it fits him perfectly.

They are practicing a TON (3-6 every day this week, 1-5 this Saturday, and 3-7 next week and then performances at night). Tickets are a leetle expensive (sorry) but remember that I did warn you to save your pennies in this post!

We'd love to see you there! Thanks for all your support.

PS - Operas are good places to go on dates. Corey and I held my hand for the first time during BYU's 2008 opera, Don Giovanni. :) Thanks to my home teacher Dave Stevenson for giving us tickets at the last minute. :)


Linda said...

We wouldn't miss it!

Sarah Wills said...

Hey! I told Curtis about it and we are going too. I am very excited :)

Danielle said...

I wish I could be there! Go second man in armor!!

Becca said...

yaya!!! booya priest corey! he was awesome, better than that queen of the dark lady or whatever she was. :) seriously, though, it was so stupendous, corey!