Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Walmart, here I come.

Please enjoy the lovely view and peaceful neighborhoods as you drive. And the severe lack of stoplights. Not only is this route faster than University Parkway, it is much more pleasing on nerves and on brake pads. You won't regret it!

Head west on Bulldog Avenue. Go through the light on 500 W/State Street. The road turns into Columbia Lane; continue through next stop light (Grandview Lane) and up the hill.

At the first roundabout, turn left onto 1700 N.

Go through the second roundabout (road turns into 1730 N).

Go straight through the third roundabout.

When you come to the 2-way stop at 2100 W, go straight through (now labelled 1700 N). It's a smaller road; the fields on your right and llamas on your left will prove it. J

Continue on this road. It will eventually curve to the right and you’ll be driving parallel with the freeway. Go for a mile or two.

Then, WHABANG! Walmart!

*Feel free to spend a little extra at Walmart to reward yourself for braving the new route and for the abundance of good feelings you still have toward others (ie lack of road rage from avoiding Parkway). And for saving on gas. It's totally worth it, I'm telling you!

*If you don't totally believe me and want to try out the route via google maps, type in "columbia lane, provo, ut." I won't be offended. :)


Lisa said...

This is a great plan as long as you don't get lost. Haha! I have been driving this way for years but for some reason the l ast few times I have missed turns and gotten hopelessly lost. What am I going to do with myself?!? I'm not super excited for school yet but I'm excited to have you back in my life! Love you!

Becca said...

While you're saving money by driving to Walmart, Micah and I are making our own wet wipes, knitting stockings, and have come up with our own aluminum compost pit to recycle our own cans! ;) he he he. we'll have to try the new route!

Liz Wilcken said...

We used to use Columbia Ln, then turn left after the large Erkenbrack sign on the fence on the left (you're turning right before a buisness). Sorry, can't remember road name. Enjoy the odd decorations of the neighbors (what's up with the pink and white striped rock walls?!). Go straight until you get to the roundabout, then take the first exit on your right which is Sandhill Rd (aka: Walmart Rd...back entrance).

Danielle said...

Who knew?! Wish I'd known this route back when I lived in Provo.

Kristen said...

I'm so glad someone else drives this route to Walmart! Once I found out about this way I never again took the Parkway. :-)