Tuesday, August 31, 2010


-Gone were the days where I could ponder and meditate as I walked from class to class.
-It's fun to see friends who have disappeared for the summer though.
-I'll be posting some pictures from the summer soon. I finally put them on the computer.
-I'm glad Heather moved into the dorms!! So fun and I hope she has a great year.
-Corey and I are taking both Statistics and a Joseph Smith class taught by Susan Easton Black together. Should be fun!
-The apples on the tree are getting bigger.
-Corey's book list spilled onto a 3rd page. Never a good sign. Hopefully we don't have to buy them all...
-Our garden is flourishing. I picked a cucumber today.
-After thirty years, my parents are officially empty-nesters. Good thing we just finished the addition onto the kitchen. (And by we I mean everyone who helped, ie not me.)
-My bike's front tire is kinda flat, so I walked to school this afternoon. Normally I never have time to.
-On the last day of my two-week summer break (Friday), I got up on the wakeboard for the first time!!!! Pictures coming.
-I love having a visiting teacher who comes regularly. I'm actually going to shadow her mother-in-law who is an SLP (speech-language pathologist) at an elementary school in Springville next week.
-My sister Krista is having a baby BOY!!! Huzzah!
-The tenants are almost all moved in (at last). Now we just need to cart away the junk that we pulled out of the houses from previous tenants. We did inherit some convenient stuff, though. :)
-I'm looking for a job on campus.
-I have two canker sores. One is quite large and hurts a loooot. The other one also hurts a lot, but it's smaller. Corey tries to get me to put on the numbing stuff but it stings so I don't like to.
-Corey started Magic Flute rehearsals on Saturday!
-Becca makes good banana cream pie, Kim takes us to the Cannon Center a lot, Danielle calls for help on Primary lessons, Heather gets fun callings, Krista calls and asks when we're having a baby, Janel makes me feel good about managing the house of renters. And Rich...well to be completely honest, I haven't heard from him since the reunion. But Rich has surprised everyone with dang good cooking skills and a marinade recipe that I'm really wanting to try.
I love my siblings.
-The end.

(PS - This post is dedicated to Aunt Carolyn.)


Linda said...

Sounds like you need a vacation . . . and here school is starting all over again! Ah me.

amanda/dave said...

Thanks for the juicy update!

Kimberly said...

You should come hang out at our apartment, then, where it's quiet and empty!
Also, why didn't you tell me 2 weeks ago that you were looking for an on-campus job? You could have replaced me at my library job!

janel said...

It's so fun to go to school with your spouse. Live it up. And have your first baby in that house, like a lot of other cool people I know.

Becca said...

well, you have an adoring nephew--asking for doozoo all the day long. Good thing you're around.

Sarah Wills said...

Suzy! you can pump up your tires for free outside the wilk by the outdoor store :) I also really like you favorite quotes from General Conference section.

Lisa said...

The cucumber was delicious! And I know how to fix canker sores! It sounds really weird but mix one part liquid benadryl with one part pepto bismol. It is my mom's special recipe. :)

Liz Wilcken said...

"Krista calls and asks when we're gonna have a baby," hahaha...you guys will make cute babies :) I'd like to see some Bennett babies named, Jane, Elizabeth, Mary, Kathryn, Lydia...well, maybe skip Lydia. ;)

Danielle said...

This is an Aunt Carolyn-esque post, with all sorts of nice details that give me a good picture of your fun life. (My odd fave: Corey wants you to put on canker numbing med, but you don't like to because it stings. Ha!)

Hez said...

Yay I'm glad we're in guitar together too!!! :)

krista said...

So when will you be having that baby...?