Monday, July 26, 2010

Better than BYU's New Spice parody.

So. BYU's New Spice parody, "Study like a scholar, scholar" is exceedingly clever and fun and cool. (Click here to see it.) And everyone is obsessed with it, as they should be. :) Make sure you've seen the original Old Spice commercial "The man your man could smell like" (Smell like a man, man) first, though, or it won't be nearly as funny.

But. Forget Old (or new) Spice.


The NEW!!!!!

This site is sweet. Check it out. I dare you. I have it on reliable information that this is going to be completely up-and-running very quickly. Right now it's just the beta version and a lot of features aren't available yet, but it's still sweet. I love the Church!!!

Visit and prepare to be swept away. :) :)

My favorite features so far: a new search engine!!!!, a study notebook which will allow you to highlight and make electronic notes on Conference talks and save your work, the new Directory format under "Tools," and "" which lets you see where people in your ward live. (The maps don't work right now but I got in a few days ago.)

For those of you who take me up on the invitation to check it out, I'd love to hear what you're most excited about. (aka comment.) I'm sure the Church would also appreciate your feedback, too. (There is a feedback button at the bottom of each page of the website.)

Home Sweet Library

I love BYU's library, especially in the summer. Hundreds of empty computers to choose from. Countless vacant chairs at totally empty tables to pick from. And, it's quiet. No waiting in lines in the bathroom or to check out books. No traipsing to different floors after searching unsuccessfully for an empty table or cubicle. Also, the couches in the bathroom are usually vacant! So if I want to sleep, I can. :) (Note: I have never slept in a BYU bathroom, but I'd like to some day before I graduate.) Anyway, the library is just nice. The atmosphere of learning and productivity is a good influence on me. The view as you walk out from the main floor is beautiful. In short, I love hanging out in this library. (Especially when I'm not frantically working on some assignment.) :)

PLUS: They filmed THIS here this summer!!! (see next post if you're confused)

Random note: This weekend is the first official Keith and Linda Wilson family reunion. HUZZAH!!! Let the games begin!!