Saturday, June 05, 2010

We've Got An Announcement!

(And it does not have the word "baby" in it.)

Try to guess the big news by putting together the following picture clues:

Have you guessed it yet?

The news is:

(drumroll please...)

Corey auditioned for and received a role in BYU's Fall Opera!!! He will be the 2nd Man in Armor in Mozart's Magic Flute. Performance dates are October 16, 19-23. Mark your calendars and save your pennies cause you won't want to miss it!

Congrats Corey!

this photo gives you an idea of what greatness and glory you can expect from the performance, + some great music
pretend this is the 2nd Man in Armor


Danielle said...

Way to go Corey! I would pay a lot of money to see you serenade that dragon.

Linda said...

I can't wait to hear his beautiful voice soaring from the second suit of armor!

gigi said...

Oh how exciting! Especially because just today I was thinking how I wanted to see the magic flute. No joke. This was as I was telling Beth that rumor has it that Mozart wrote the queen of the night aria after a bad breakup with his soprano girlfriend. Revenge is sweet. And very, very high pitched.

janel said...

I thought you were announcing a future flute-playing-child-prodigy was on the way. (My face looked as stunned as Corey's did in the first picture!)

janel said...

And super congratulations to the birthday boy!!

Becca said...

YAYAYAY! Corey is famous! Maybe we will take Micah and put a shirt on it with Corey's face and autograph (we'll be mobbed by all of Corey's crazed fans, I just know it!) Congrats to the super singer!