Monday, June 14, 2010


Yesterday I happened to look at my spam folder in my email account. I had no less than 834 spam messages!! All arrived within the last 30 days!! Yeesh! Gmail does a great job of catching spam (and they even delete unread spam messages after 30 days), for which I am exceedingly grateful. I promptly deleted all the messages.

Today I noticed that I have 19 new messages in the spam folder. What?! In a mere 15 hours? I opened the folder to delete them while making sure I wasn't blocking emails from someone I know. Amongst attempts to woo me to many disgusting websites, one in particular caught my eye.

Sender: me (huh? I have no idea how I'm sending spam to myself without knowing it...)
Subject Line: Reminder for Mr. Suzysnoozy. 80% lowered prices all week. having...

Mr. Suzysnoozy, huh? :)



janel said...

Mr. Suzysnoozy! That's hilarious! Ha ha ha!

Linda said...

Ah, the tricksters... Grrrr!

Becca said...

Oh is that what you call Corey these days?