Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Wow, third post in one day. I'm on a roll.

This past Sunday I was the spotlight(ed sister?) in Relief Society. These are the nice things they had to say about me. :)


Suzy was born and raised in Provo, Utah and is the sixth of eight children. She loves to take naps, blog, bake, get good deals, send out mass emails to the Relief Society, go on walks, and serve. She is currently attending BYU. She is going to summer school this summer because admittedly, she would rather do that than work. :)

Suzy has been married for five months to her husband Corey. They met in a singles ward and lived in the same apartment complex. Corey is from Baton Rouge, Louisiana and served his mission in Toulouse France. He loves to sing and we all had the privilege of hearing him in sacrament meeting a few weeks ago! He is also currently attending BYU.

Corey and Suzy have been in the ward since November 2009.
Suzy is serving as the Relief Society secretary and does such a wonderful job! She is very grateful for the friends that she has made in this ward, particularly in the Relief Society. We love having the Bennetts in the ward with us!

In All Thy Ways

I debated posting this post, just because I don't want to sound like (or be) a bragger. But, this is something that means a lot to me, and I think most people who read this blog hope to receive a general update with what's happening in my life.

I just checked my grades from Winter 2010 and ...

... 4.0!!!!

Boom baby! This hasn't happened since freshman year, the semester that I took Career Exploration and two "Intro to ___" classes. :) Let's just say another Wendy's run for a couple of Frostys may be in order. Or maybe we'll "just" hit up Baskin Robbins (see previous post). And, I would be completely in the wrong if I did not acknowledge the active involvement of the Lord in my life, and gratitude for a loving and extremely supportive husband who put up with breakdowns, continually stressed-out and grumpy me, and those all-nighters I unfortunately pulled. And a family who loves me and gives me food and makes me dinner and leaves me muffins when I'm uber stressed-out. And friends who don't mind that I forget to call or email them back.

It all works out.

"In all thy ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct thy paths"
--Proverbs 3:6

Lastly, I realize that this is a blessing from heaven (and from my professors). I also realize that there have been other semesters where I've tried harder and been more dedicated to my schoolwork, and haven't come out with these kind of grades. I'm not exactly sure why this semester it turned out the way it did. I still procrastinated, stressed, and worried. I still said prayers in the Testing Center before beginning all my exams. I still slacked off in some, many, yes, all of my classes. Perhaps the Lord knew I'd need a little booster before tackling an entire spring and summer chock-full of more textbooks and studying. Or, maybe my brain capacity is increasing extremely rapidly. Maybe my faith has grown in ways that I haven't even been consciously aware of.

Whatever the reason(s), I'm grateful. I hope I can learn from this experience what I'm supposed to learn. (Even though grades are posted I'm still not done learning - no, I'll never be! Kind of an extremely exciting thought.) Okay, I'm done. For now. :)

seis meses

As of today, I'm closer to turning 22 than I am to turning 21 (absolute-value-speaking). If that makes any sense.

Happy Half Birthday! to Amy Nielsen (1.5 yrs) and to me (21 1/2 yrs). :)

What to do to celebrate? Studying sounds good...I actually am really loving Spring term this year (more on that later, perhaps). Huzzah for school!

ps - in celebration of Amy's half birthday, I hear there's a 31 cent scoop night at Baskin Robbins tonight from 5-10pm. :) Enjoy

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I am in a computer lab on campus, and I smell stinky feet. (They're not mine.)

It's hard enough to focus on studying as it is. Come on people.

post script - 6:44 pm: It still smells, and I noticed the guy next to me has bare feet! The culprit. He's also the same one that's been playing computer games and watching movies online since I sat down next to him around 4 pm. I think it's time for him to leave (my nares) in peace and do something more productive. Like, possibly, wash his feet and throw out those sandals.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

French Bread

I made French Bread today. :) Thanks to Krista for the yum yum recipe. It's supposed to be quick and easy...but it did take me a while. Hopefully with time I'll get faster...cause I'm definitely going to be making it again!

After Corey's first bite he said, "This reminds me of my mission. This tastes wonderful, Suzy! You've outdone yourself again....Is there anything you can't do??" Let's just say...ultimate compliment...especially considering he served in France...French Bread...huzzah!

(I tried to make the pictures look glamorous, but hey, it's a flat-ish looking loaf of bread and I can't disguise it.)

If you care, here is the recipe.

French Bread

3 c. flour
2 Tbsp yeast
2 c. water
2 Tbsp oil
1 Tbsp sugar
2 tsp salt

Egg wash:
1 egg white
1 Tbsp water
Whisk together and brush over bread.

Put water in mixer. Dissolve yeast. Add other ingredients. Mix well. Continue adding additional flour until the dough cleans the side of the bowl. Knead 2-4 minutes. Divide in half--if making loaves. Using oil, roll out dough into a 9X13 rectangle. [Not too flat.] Roll the long way, tucking ends under. [Skipped this step...b/c I didn't really know what it meant..] Sprinkle pan with cornmeal. [I didn't have any so I just sprayed the pan.] Place loaf on top of cornmeal and using a sharp knife, cut diagonal slits on top of loaf every 1 ½ to 2 inches. [This makes it look fancy and legit. :) ] Brush with egg wash. Let rise until double approx 20-30 min. Bake 375 degrees for 25-30 minutes until brown.


Saturday, April 17, 2010

a Monsonian trait

Last night I discovered (to my joy and surprise) that I can wiggle my right ear while keeping the left stationary!!! (The ability to wiggle both at the same time is old news.)

What's more, I found out that Corey can wiggle his ears too! It's settled, then, we really are meant for each other. Our kids are going to be so talented.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

quotes from the Head TA during the review for the final exam

- [walks in 5 or 6 minutes late to at least 50-75 waiting students] "sorry I'm late guys"
- "sorry, I'm really spacey today"
- "I'm sure you all already know this" [skips to the next slide]
- Student: "Um, I think we covered this in our last exam. Is it going to be on the final too? [the final is not comprehensive for this class] TA: "What? Oh, um, you're right... [under her breath] This is the review from last semester. Ok, ignore all that stuff. [Clicks to next slide]
- rushes through a lengthy problem with five parts and says, "Any questions? it's all on Blackboard. Okay, next slide, these are good definitions to know too, [next slide] ..."
- "Guys, I haven't seen the test. I just want you to know that. I don't have it so I can't give questions away."

I decided not to grace her with my presence anymore and took off. I really wanted to hear the President and Sister Bateman speak to our Stake RS tonight anyway. :)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Mr. Disposal

The smell was pretty pervasive. Whenever we'd walk in the door, it hit us like a soft, warm blast of putrescence. Not overpowering but definitely there. Nasty. It was a combination of what smelled like old socks and wet towels and rotting food and stale air (only two of our five basement windows open).

So, Saturday we took apart the house. We picked up clothes, folded laundry, and put away random junk. We moved the furniture and vaccumed the entire house. We took out the mini fridge that has been sitting empty (and unplugged might I add) next to the desk for...(dare I say it?)...3 entire months... I switched candles on the candle warmer and left the door open to air out the pukey-smelling Bennett Residence. We took out the trash, Corey cleaned the tub (a couple days earlier he pulled out a ton of long stringy hair out of the shower drain...who could that belong too??), I wiped out part of the fridge and we threw away old food.

But it still smelled. After washing some dishes I ran the garbage disposal as an afterthought (something I forget to do on a regular basis). Nothing happened. Just a low, soft hum.

Hmm. Had I found our problem? My macho husband dove in with bare hands...after which he required little to no persuasion to don a surgical glove I had left over from my Anatomy class. Plunge after plunge into that dark abyss in the sink proved very revealing! Five minutes later we had quite the collection, including but not limited to: most of a strawberry, black and jellified, chunks of rotting chicken; stringy who-knows-what; and lots of little black and green untochables that looked like they could have come from last month's school lunch.

May I mention one thing here. My mom brought us some strawberries about 3 to 4 weeks ago. Okay, moving on.

Disgusted but proud at our courage to brave the Pit of Rotting Food, we immediately turned on the water and flipped the disposal switch, anticipating the loud roar and clanking to immediately fill the house.

Hummmm, the disposal replied quietly.

No, really? Come on! We dug all that nastiness out of there for nothing? Really, Mr. Disposal. You'd think you'd be overjoyed to suddenly be able to breathe, having been (unbeknownst to us) forced to be nestled up to a decaying strawberry for the past 4 weeks.

Suddenly a scene flashed into my mind. It was a snapshot from this past December. My dad, sprawled out on my inlaws kitchen floor, was fixing their garbage disposal with a small little tool that looks like a screwdriver but has five or six sides instead of two. I also remembered him saying it was really simple to fix a disposal, sometimes you just have to give it a nudge or two. Like a quarter-turn. My mind was racing. I ran to the desk where I keep the tools Mom gave me (for lack of a better place) for my bridal shower. I grabbed a screwdriver, opened the cupboard door underneath the sink, and stuck my head in. Unfortunately, the screwdriver was too small to do anything, so I ran back and grabbed the biggest screwdriver of the set, crossing my fingers the whole time.

Interruption: For those of you who have never closely examined the device taking up half the space under your sink, here is a picture of the underside of a garbage disposal.

Ignore the Reset Button, just pay attention to the white arrow pointing to the hole. This hole is the important part.

I stuck the screwdriver up the hole and tried to turn, it didn't budge. I tried turning it the other direction. Nothing. So I rolled up my sleeves (figuratively speaking) and showed that disposal who's boss.

I yanked it a quarter turn (90 degrees, that is), jumped up, turned the water on, flipped that switch, and --

I never thought the roar of a garbage disposal would be so heavenly. I kind of wanted to let it run for at least a couple of minutes just to revel in my joy. Instead, we decided to treat ourselves to Frostys at Wendy's. It was a wonderful end to the evening.

Funny, the simple pleasures we find in life (and I'm not talking about Frostys). I'm convinced it is directly connected to living providently and learning to act for ourselves instead of being acted upon. Thaks to my parents for both enabling us (Dad through teaching and Mom through the tools) to conquer the garbage disposal.

(D&C 58) (2 Ne 2)