Friday, February 05, 2010

the eleventh hour... or rather, the twelfth (ha)

I just wrote my thesis and intro paragraph for a 6 1/2 page paper that is due in 11 1/2 hours. (and I'm celebrating my remarkable progress by posting. :)

If you know me well, you may know that papers stress me out almost like nothing else. I have been very fortunate that my major doesn't require any papers. Like, ever. But, alas. GEs. They will be the death of me. (or at least their papers will be.)

On the bright side, I got a 92% on my Finance exam yesterday! And when I got to the Testing Center today, the line was only down the stairs and almost going out the front doors. As opposed to when I left, there were people were standing in line (in the freezing cold, might I add) all the way to the Brimhall Building. They must have waited in line for over an hour. And it's not even finals week.

The weekend will bring a welcome and much-needed respite. :)

Another bright side: I feel so lucky to have such an incredibly caring husband. I don't know how much fun it is to be married to a continual stress-case, but he still seems to like being married.

Okay, back to the grindstone. If only I had Chelsie's knack at writing kick-trash papers. :) As it is, I have to rely upon my not-so-awesome ability (or lack thereof) to spew out some intelligent stuff about Hamlet in an organized manner.

In spite of it all, I am surprisingly hopeful! (Maybe I should blog more often..)

p.s. we are driving a Lexus for the weekend. you know, everyone's doing it. (promise, this is not a joke.)


Linda said...

Thesis done and still 11.5 hrs. to go . . . you're on a roll since that's the hardest part!

Chels said...

Your husband would have to be crazy to not be filled to his toenails with joy. Because he's married to the most amazing woman in the world! You rock my socks. And I hate G.E. papers.

Brian & Kyla said...

I love that our major doesn't really require many papers either! Of course, we get more than our fair share of paper work in a clinical setting. Good luck!

janel said...

I can vouch for the thesis. It was great.

Becca said...

I wish I'd read this post before, so I'd know what to expect the next morning! :) Nice work on your pape, you little genius. 96%! woooeeee! ps--you should've thought about music if you don't like papers.