Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I've got a craving to blog.
But don't have anything to say.
Maybe I'll turn into a frog.
Maybe I'll eat some hay.
My brain feels like a log.
I'll try this another day.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Our trip to Louisiana

One of my favorite places in Baton Rouge.

Beautiful LSU campus

Corey's grandma, "Mommie" at our LA wedding reception. She is a sweetheart and we stayed at her house one night.

One of my all-time favorite signs. Never pronounce it with an "O" down there or you'll be shot...

Corey, his two sisters, Codey and Chelsey, and I spent one day in New Orleans together. My first ever visit to an aquarium! It was incredible! Who knew (among other things) that the male seahorse is the one that gives birth?? We were able to pet a shark and a sting ray, which was very cool (and slimy).
(Codey, Chelsey, me, Corey)

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

One Eternal Round

"The divine delight in what seems to us to be mere repetition is one clue to the sublime character of God. Since we must, at times, accept what appears to us to be routine, repeated experiences, we too, if we try, can find fresh meaning and fresh joy in the repeated experiences. God's course is one eternal round but it is not one monotonous round. God is never bored, for one who has perfect love is never bored. There is always so much to notice, so much to do, so many ways to help, so many possibilities to pursue."
--Neal A. Maxwell (A More Excellent Way, p. 84-85)

It kind of puts a new light on, well, going to the temple, for example. Or going to church. Or studying my scriptures. Or being a student.

I can do this. :)

Friday, February 05, 2010

the eleventh hour... or rather, the twelfth (ha)

I just wrote my thesis and intro paragraph for a 6 1/2 page paper that is due in 11 1/2 hours. (and I'm celebrating my remarkable progress by posting. :)

If you know me well, you may know that papers stress me out almost like nothing else. I have been very fortunate that my major doesn't require any papers. Like, ever. But, alas. GEs. They will be the death of me. (or at least their papers will be.)

On the bright side, I got a 92% on my Finance exam yesterday! And when I got to the Testing Center today, the line was only down the stairs and almost going out the front doors. As opposed to when I left, there were people were standing in line (in the freezing cold, might I add) all the way to the Brimhall Building. They must have waited in line for over an hour. And it's not even finals week.

The weekend will bring a welcome and much-needed respite. :)

Another bright side: I feel so lucky to have such an incredibly caring husband. I don't know how much fun it is to be married to a continual stress-case, but he still seems to like being married.

Okay, back to the grindstone. If only I had Chelsie's knack at writing kick-trash papers. :) As it is, I have to rely upon my not-so-awesome ability (or lack thereof) to spew out some intelligent stuff about Hamlet in an organized manner.

In spite of it all, I am surprisingly hopeful! (Maybe I should blog more often..)

p.s. we are driving a Lexus for the weekend. you know, everyone's doing it. (promise, this is not a joke.)

Monday, February 01, 2010

Summer School :)

I'm signing up for classes this spring and summer, and I have a couple extra credits I need to take. Any recommendations for classes? I haven't taken a whole lot of "fun" classes recently. The thought that I can this summer is pretty exciting.