Tuesday, December 15, 2009

three to four

Dear Professors,
I'll only get married once.
To my coursework it certainly was a hindrance
And I know my scores portray me as a dunce.
Not getting C's is my preference
(after all, learning is of the essence)
And I tried. Whaddayathunks?


amanda and dave said...

haha, AMEN sista.

janel said...

I have never read a poem that so artfully employed "whaddayathunks" before. Wow.

Chels said...

Haha, Suzanne I love you.
And I agree with Janel :)

Linda said...

I think you pulled it off in style...a little stressful style, but style nonetheless! Nice work.

Becca said...

I thunks that you are AWESOME!