Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Ride

Some days he climbs. It's hard work, but he makes considerable progress, feels satisfaction, that he has something to show.

Some days he coasts. These days are easy. Envied and sorely desired in the midst of the climb. But, ultimately, boring.

Other days he goes off-roading, intentionally. Days like this don't happen very often.

Still other days he careens down the road, all the world a wobbly blur around him. Forgotten faces, bubble sheets, golden trees on fire, phone calls - all demand attention amongst the whirpool of colors, noises, and smells threatening to engulf him. And the steering wheel has taken a holiday.


Danielle said...

Suzy, did you write this?

Kimberly said...

Yeah,what is this about? Explanation please!

Suzy said...

yes. just a bit of creative writing (I know, you're shocked)

Linda said...

More creative entries, please

Danielle said...

I'm guessing most of your days lately are of the last kind. Just from what I hear about all the stuff you have to do.

Becca said...

wow! you should write a poem for your wedding present to corey!
good writing