Tuesday, October 06, 2009

I have a BOMBDIGGITY support system! Boo ya.

We've found a temple, a date, a place to live, a wedding dress, engagement photos, colors, and now bridesmaids' dresses. Huzzah! And, thanks to Aunt Ruth, we'll have a quilt for our bed. Now for a bed itself... :)

Next up: Choose my favorite photo for the invites (verrry hard), select invitation style, compile guest lists, get addresses, finalize photographer, decide on flowers, figure out insurance details, and pick pictures and music for wedding video.

And, try not to fail 16 credits worth of classes while I'm at it. And make time for personal enrichment and time with the Lord. And prepare for the temple. And be a good roommate. And a good fiance. And sister. And friend. And daughter. And visiting teacher. And cousin. And employee (I'm getting pressure at work to put in more hours). And stranger. Oh, and sleep occasionally and maybe even exercise every once in a blue moon.

It seems as if November 20th is barreling toward me, yet crawling at the same time. To all of you whose plates I have let crash to the ground during this slightly insane time of my life, please accept my apology. I certainly am trying! And I am (and will continue to be) so grateful to all who have helped, are helping, will help, and have simply offered to help. And to those of you who don't hold grudges. :)

ps, If you'd like an invite and I haven't pestered you for your address already, please leave it in a comment or call me or send it to me in an email! Love to all! :)


amanda and dave said...

Oh man, I hope I get to talk to you sometime! I'm glad things are going well. I know that mid semester weddings can be a lot of work! Except, yours is probably harder. We didn't do bridesmaid dresses or anything :)

I love you! Thank you for your comment. We'll have to get together soon!

amanda and dave said...

Oh ps...did not realize until just now you'd be mrs bennett. uh, AWESOME! :) sounds so regal.

gigi said...

You're accepting help? Can I help?

Danielle said...

You are awesome! Good luck!!!

janel said...

You forgot to mention "Take 3 nieces to the zoo every Saturday."
Hello..you are amazing!

janel said...

Plus, haven't you thought about how busy *I* am--I have to exercise every day now so I can fit in the bridesmaid dress and afford to eat 15 pieces of angel food cake with raspberries throughout the reception night. (I can't wait!)

Linda said...

You'll make it...keep up the good work!

Kimberly said...

To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven. Suz, you don't have to do EVERYTHING at once. Getting married is a big deal and it's okay to let a few things slide for a while in order to get more important things done. You'll do it. You're awesome! I love you, Suzy!

Kimberly said...

P.S. I'm impressed you still managed to find time to blog amid all that craziness. Good work!

Chels said...

Man, I'm impressed that you haven't gone crazy yet :) And ditto what Maggie said, if you need any help I'm totally there. You're amazing! And I love you.
And I can't remember if I've given you my address, so here it is, just in case.
2855 N. Canyon Rd. Provo, UT 84604

Anonymous said...

It seems like so much to do all at once. May I help you send invitations? Please? Or maybe drive you around if you don't have a car?

Shane and Laura Henriksen
99 W 1450 N #116
Provo UT 84604

Becca said...

you have definetely let my plate crash to the groud. you have not slept over in months. i think i will dethrone you as sister.