Saturday, October 24, 2009

Fun at the Zoo

New baby elephant and mommyHomemade bread (by Janel) to starve off starvation during our zoo escapades

Liza's favorite animal
Liza's favorite mommy

Corey wants to marry me why? :)
Sage busting out dance moves for Eliza ... and the porcupine ... ?
the best part about the zoo
a closer look
(I told Sage to look scared)
lookalike contest?
Sage and large gorilla friend

gorilla fun, with crazy child on my left
(click to enlarge, I promise it'll be worth it)


amanda and dave said...

oh fun! I'm glad you guys had a good time!

dude, it's cause you're so cute!

Linda said...

Ah oh...another sister vying for the position of "favorite aunt!" What fun!

Danielle said...

Suzy's going to beat me in "favorite aunt" for sure! That looks so fun. And Corey wants to marry you because you are a babe. (among other good things.) I remember how fun it was when we went to the zoo with you! Wish it was us again!!

Kimberly said...

Just for the record, Sage told ME that I was her favorite aunt this summer (along with Heather). Apparently I need to re-affirm that with her.
Also, Suz, I think Corey want to marry for your mad neck-strength. Woo-woo!

Corey said...

Why am I marrying Suzy again?? ;)

Becca said...

HELLO!!! If I were a guy, I'd marry you too.

janel said...

Eliza is the most unphotogenic child I've ever met. If she's smiling, she's definitely not looking at the camera. If she's looking at the camera, it's a grimace. But thanks for such an AWESOME trip! We had a great time.