Wednesday, May 27, 2009

thanks maggie

eight things i am looking forward to
1. Yellowstone trip next week!
2. wearing my new shorts
3. downloading pictures from my camera
4. knowing everyone's name in my ward
5. making bread on a regular basis this summer
6. vacuuming my car
7. making pie tonight!!!
8. blogging more often :)

eight things i did yesterday
1. cooked for dinner group
2. learned how to make salsa
3. slept in dreadfully late
4. fed my sister's fish
5. played the piano at Institute
6. felt homesick for Jerusalem
7. began the monolithic task of cleaning my room
8. ate a few too many samples of gelato at work :)

eight things i wish i could do
1. speak Spanish fluently. gah.
2. remember details about people. like their name, for starters.
3. go back to Jerusalem (not permanently), see Istanbul on the way
4. improvise on the piano
5. have a job I really love
6. be the favorite aunt
7. get into bed at a reasonable hour
8. download pictures from the past month from my camera but it won't work :(

eight magazines i like
1. Conference issue of the Ensign!
2. I don't read any other magazines ... kind of pathetic, I know. but I don't really care so it's all good :)

eight things on my wishlist
1. a laptop. ha, yeah right.
2. skydiving???
3. a magic fairy to clean my room
4. all my siblings and brothers-in-law and nieces and nephews back in Provo
5. a kitchen aid
6. a scooter?
7. a fridge all to myself
8. that I didn't ever have to take showers or shave my legs

eight bloggers i am tagging - no pressure now
1. kim
2. becca
3. heather
4. sarah w
5. amanda
6. katie
7. natalie
8. camille
9. anyone who wants to be tagged


Chels said...

Amen! I hate shaving my legs.
Also, I love you and I'm excited to see you again.

gigi said...

Mm, your 8s left a nice taste in my mouth. How can I get in on this bread you spoke of?
I'm sorry you feel homesick for Jerusalem. If it helps, I know what you are going through and I'm also glad you are back.
Let's take advantage of being in the same town again, eh?

amanda/dave said...

where do you work?

janel said...

Who else can say they're homesick for Jerusalem? No fair.
You are my favorite aunt. Uh..ahem.
I love that you wrote "gah."

Danielle said...

Bread! Nice! Also, you might like to know that in the fam photo album I take to church to entertain the kids, Cindy remembered and said, "Susie" (it's graduated from Susu already!) Making progress towards the favorite auntie... I wish I could sample the gelato at your work too!

krista said...

I miss Jerusalem as well. Let's get together some evening and just look at all the those thousands of pictures we took that everyone else thinks just look like a bunch of boring, brown dirt hills...for hours and hours!--Mom

Kimberly said...

I just wanted you to know, I did not copy you on my wish list when I put getting to bed on time. I totally forgot that you had it on your list. We must be sisters!

Becca said...

Is watering your sister's plants on your wishlist? Because if so, GRANTED!!! :) You're the best, and sorry you don't like work. (are you using the scootie?)

Hez said... I like that you like to make lists so much :)

Hez said...

Never mind. I got it, and I accept. Well, at least an abbreviated challenge. :)