Tuesday, April 07, 2009

a video clip

Check this out. This is without doubt the BEST video I have taken (and will take) all semester.

(It's also the first time I've tried to upload video footage so we'll see how it works. You might have to wait a couple minutes for it to upload.)

So, how was it? Sound like a random old lady singing in a weird language? Try again. Actually, it's an Armenian woman singing the Lord's Prayer. In Aramaic. ie the language Jesus Christ would have spoken it in originally.

That said, you may want to listen to it again.


Danielle said...

That was very cool. (Jacob thought it was a joke or something and started laughing when I turned it on though!)

janel said...

Sage was mesmerized when I turned it on. Is that near the Upper Room?

L. said...

That was Justina, from Nineva (Iraq). When she spoke to us before I asked how Christians fared in Iraq. She said many (especially leaders) had been rounded up and killed. She has 2 brothers who are priests. "Their families never know," she said, "if when they go to work, if they'll ever return." Although many have left the country, her two brothers refuse to leave their fearful congregations. Some sacrifice much for their faith, even today. --Mom