Friday, April 03, 2009


We're back from Galilee. :( I have some awesome pictures, and even better experiences stored away in the memory books (and a journal to be caught up on tomorrow :). I'll post those pictures pronto.

TODAY, however, I went snorkeling!!!! for the first time in my life! It was incredible. And, I swam in the Red Sea while doing it. Holy smokes!!!! Anyway, we took two buses and drove south from Jerusalem for four hours (ick) until we got to Eilat, which is the southernmost city in Israel, right next to the Israel-Egypt border and on the Gulf of Aqaba (aka Red Sea). Eight hours in a bus today was SO worth it. Boo ya I wished I had an underwater camera. However, I do have friends with underwater cameras so maybe I'll have some of me getting up close and personal with these cool beyond cool fish just an arm's length away. Oh and I touched probably hundreds of jellyfish today. Yeah, no biggie. Ha! Seriously, though - the baby jellies don't sting you and they were all over. Literally we swam through them and they tickled our legs and such. I felt like I had stepped (or swam??) into Finding Nemo. Anyway, that was awesome. From above the water it just looked like a regular ocean, nothing special. But dunk your head in the water and it is a completely different world. And the colors and variety of the fish is absolutely amazing. I'm sure there's some lesson I should learn from that. Don't judge a book from it's cover maybe??? Or maybe that each person has their own story and sometimes you just have to put in a little effort - you may not even have to dive very deep - to discover some true gems (or, in this case shall we say, pearls).

What a great day it has been. And tomorrow is Conference! (And it's extra special b/c it's the only session we get to watch broadcast live from Salt Lake because of the time difference.) AND we don't have choir practice in the morning. It's going to be a great day tomorrow too.

Oh and, for the record, in the past 48 hours I've been to the Mediterranean Sea, the Red Sea, and the Sea of Galilee. And we drove past the Dead Sea. Beat that. :)

**note: Unfortunately I do not have any of the pictures of us in our snorkeling gear on my camera. But I wanted to post this tonight, so here are some boring ones of us; check back in a day or two and I'll have the real deal for you. :)

Kim, me, Heather on the beach

Sunrise over the Dead Sea


Courtney said...

Wow! I'm so jealous!! How fun! When you get back we really need to have that lunch with Val! :)

janel said...

What a trip. I took the girls to an aquarium here in SL, and we thought it was awesome to see a tank of 20 jellyfish...and on the same day you were SWIMMING WITH THEM!!!! I am so jealous. (How did all the Israeli-Wilsons get curly hair?)

Danielle said...

Just so you know, we borrowed Finding Nemo from a friend and the other day, Jacob said, "Taking on the jellies..." You were taking them on! By the way, all three of you seem to have recovered from your haircuts very well. Looking good!

L. said...

It was, as you would say, "the bomb," or "sweet sauce!" --Mom

Jordan said...

Excuse me. No choir practice does not equal a good day. You should be devastated just like everyone in our ward choir is.

But Conference is definitely good.

Oh, and the snorkeling sounded like a blast!

Kimberly said...

Um, if you didn't notice, my hair is definitely NOT curly, Janel.

It was dang awesome, though. Yay for snorkeling!