Thursday, April 16, 2009

jerusalem fun

what a good lookin bunch

the first glimpse of the sun during the Easter sunrise service on Mt. Scopus

During Passover, which ends tomorrow, the Jews aren't allowed to eat anything with leaven in it. And they mean business. Enforced obedience - in Jewish grocery stores they literally cover up merchandise that is against the rules for the 8 leaven-less days of the holiday. (It doesn't matter if you aren't Jewish. You still can't buy it. In fact, one of my friends tried to buy a certain kind of chocolate before we leave. Turns out this chocolate was banned for the week of Passover! (leaven...?) The shopkeeper took pity on this obviously non-Jew and snuck her into the back and sold some under the counter while no one was looking!!!) Anyway, check this out - in this grocery store they completely blockaded the cereal/cracker etc aisle with a plastic sheet and stacked toilet paper in front of it (what, in case I get an urge to buy crackers I might get distracted with the rolls of TP??) Ha!

Rules? huh, what? (he always was the rebellious one..)


janel said...

I can totally see Dad trying to sneak out some leavened cookies and the likes. Have you guys been pita-less, too, or do those not have leaven?

Kyla Lewis said...

Suzy- when are you coming back?!

Kimberly said...

Ha! I would have liked to see Dad actually try sneaking those crackers out!

Danielle said...

Wow, that picture from Mount Scopus is really beautiful. Trust Dad to sneak in there! He never could resist the fresh pitas. (I think they have yeast- right?)

Linda said...

Great pics! Ah, the memories.