Sunday, March 22, 2009

what, a pictureless post?

We're on the home stretch. With a month left in the Holy Land, I'm starting to get stressed over leaving. But then I realize that tomorrow we're going to Galilee for 10 days. And we're going to chillax on the beach of the Sea of Galilee. Boo ya. I am looking forward to this trip in ways that I didn't for Egypt and Jordan. I love how centered on the scriptures this field trip will be. We're going to study the scriptures where Jesus spent the majority of His ministry. I didn't realize until I came here that He actually didn't spend a whole lot of time in Jerusalem. His country was Galilee.

This week we went to Bethlehem. I held a bleating lamb in my arms when we were in Shepherds' Fields (picture forthcoming). We sang Silent Night while we looked at the lights of Bethlehem. It would have been about the same time of year - we were just a couple weeks early from the actually time of the Savior's birth. Today we went to a Bible park/museum place and we made our own pita (they tasted gross) and attempted (unsuccessfully) to separate goats from sheep! Yesterday I had lunch with some friends just down the street, and they welcomed us with open arms into their home. What wonderful people. Typical Arabic food is an experience (ha), the salad concoction was interesting, but their strange-looking vegetable-rish dish was pretty tasty. I'll maybe post some pictures sometime if I get around to it. In the meantime, I'm still obsessed with taking photos of the people here and I'm racking up quite the collection.


Kyla Lewis said...

Suzy, I love reading your blog!! And I'm so excited that you're coming back in a month!

Danielle said...

What a cool post. I didn't know it was hard to tell goats from sheep. I can't wait to see your collection- how many pictures are you up to so far?

L. said...

I have the lamby photo. I'll send it along. --Mom

janel said...

Or do you mean you couldn't CATCH the goats as they mingled with the sheep?
Or that they smelled too bad?
Okay, I admit it, I'm jealous. Stop doing such cool things and come home and eat treats and get fat with me.

Anonymous said...

SO jealous of you and your Jerusalem adventures. Come home and show us how they cook out there.