Thursday, March 12, 2009

12 Mar 2009

Just for the record, I'm not obsessed with the upcoming holiday, although my blog may be misleading. I just don't want you to get pinched. :)

1 midterm and 1 final down, 1 final and 1 midterm tomorrow, and 3 finals next week! Woot woot I'm learning so much. With any luck the retention will be as high as my (hopefully) test scores??!

Aunt Shirley and Uncle Gordon are here. You all should come visit too.

The weather here is absolutely beautiful. It was a balmy 68 degrees today ... We studied outside, and the minarets serenaded me while we did it. Boo ya I love this place.

New Testament starts tomorrow. I finally am taking the long-awaited New Testament class from my dad in the Holy Land. What more could I want? (Oh, right - an A perhaps... :)

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Hez said...

Yeah right, just admit it Suzy. St. Patty's day is your fav of all others. You can't hide your true love from all your avid blog-followers. :)