Friday, February 06, 2009

micah and mothers

I have a new nephew!

Nieces and nephews are so great. I love all seven of mine to pieces and can't wait to meet little Micah in person.

I love and admire and respect and look up to my four sisters who have started their own little families. One aspect of motherhood I find fascinating is how mothers essentially consecrate their lives by bringing other eternal spirits to earth. What an act of faith as well as a HUGE commitment and responsibility. Thanks to all you mothers out there - especially Mom, Janel, Danielle, Krista, and most recently, Becca - for being such great examples to me, for showing me that even though being a mom is hard, tiring, relentless, and at times frustrating, it is -to put it simply- worth it. Watching my sisters, I realize firsthand that raising a family is probably the most rewarding work I will ever find myself involved in. Sure, I might do a lot of good in the world by helping kids to say their S's properly (if I ever get my degree, that is), or even by serving in the church, but I know it all pales in comparison to the work I will do as a mom. Micah depends entirely on Bec for everything. Everything! And by bringing him into the world, she and Jordan have promised to give him everything he needs. What a responsibility. What a reminder.

I'm glad I'm not the oldest - how else would I survive this life but by copying my siblings?


Kyla Lewis said...

Of course you'll graduate Suzy.... one day, that is :)

Danielle said...

You didn't do too badly when you didn't copy certain older siblings in fashion sense.

Thanks for the great compliments. I think you will be a natural mother when your time rolls around. Being a mom is the best.

janel said...

I think it would have been nice to be the oldest, actually. Krista somehow convinced me that it was unrighteous to eat a Rolo without sharing half with her. I believed it for YEARS.

Just so you know, you'll be a dang good post partum mom because you're already used to being sleep deprived half the time! I hope we live near each other so I can impart of all my motherly wisdom (should take at least 5 minutes) and you can give me back rubs.

Kimberly said...

Amen! All the moms in our family are definitely inspiring, but so are you, Suz. Don't think you're not as good just because you haven't made it there yet. You're great!

Becca said...

thanks suzy, I've always looked up to girls who become moms and suddenly change their lives completely. but let me tell you, so far, it is definitely worth it (like you said). I think you will be the best mom someday. Your kids will be so lucky!

L. said...

You're doing so many things right now that will make you a great mother down the road. I'm proud of you. --Mom