Tuesday, January 06, 2009

our galilee trip

here are a few pictures from our galilee trip.

the mediterranean sea as seen from ceasarea

collecting shells :)

the massive aquaducts herod built

dad's too cute with the grandkids

flowers in the galilee area

we went on a boat ride on the sea of galilee!
the guys

the girls
(much better looking if I do say so myself)

taken from the mount of transfiguration/mt. tabor
if you have the new scriptures, check out Photo 21 "Jezreel Valley" in the picture section in the back. (or just click here)
look familiar?!?

sunset over the beautiful galilee


janel said...

Nice photography! Let's confiscate all cameras but yours on the next family vacation, and we'll all get your copies!

Hez said...

These pictures are bomb, Suzy! You should make a Galilee calendar. And make me a copy. :)

Becca said...

i resent the fact that the person in the other half of the shell picture got cut out.

Danielle said...

You take really nice pictures. Why does that not surprise me that there was another person in the shell picture?