Saturday, January 10, 2009

more pictures, whether you care or not :)

This is the Jewish market (called the sukk or something). On Fridays at 2 pm, it is a madhouse! (We learned by experience. :) This street was the Jewish equivalent of Macey's at 11 pm on a Saturday night - except much much much more intense and exciting. It was such a fun experience to be in the middle of that - merchants calling and shouting, people shoving and pushing, money exchanging hands, purchases stuffed in bags, everyone trying to finish their last-minute shopping before the sabbath starts at sundown. Definitely a fun experience. Mostly, that is. See the next picture for further explanations.

Heather spotted a fish in one of these flats that was still alive and moving!! Somehow ... we ended up with the fish thrown at us. For the full story (excellently chronicled by Heather), read more here.

Fun little shops

Heath, Adam, and Kim

Kim, Mom, and Heather outside Ein Kerem, the place where John the Baptist was born
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janel said...

We always like more pictures. Always.

gigi said...
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gigi said...

Macey's at 11 pm on a Saturday...that's the best. I love your pictures and I always want more!

Danielle said...

Ha, Macey's on Saturday. Or right before Family Home Evening is pretty bad too.