Wednesday, January 07, 2009


The other students are finally here! Let the games begin.

Actually, to be completely realistic, that means let the boring orientation meetings and homework assignments begin. But I'm in the Holy Land and I love it, so I'll sit through meetings and I'll gladly do my Old Testament readings! Hooray!

When we went and picked up the students at the airport today, Kim and Suzie Skinner and I felt ... not exactly like students - we didn't have the bleary eyes or the rumpled, day-old clothes - but not exactly like faculty either - we had no clue what was going on and just ended up saying, "BYU" and pointing toward the buses with a smile. No worries, though, I think we'll fit in just fine soon enough.

Tonight we ate in the Oasis, the fancy name for the cafeteria here in the Jerusalem Center. They had some interesting food. I said "beef and fish" clearly to the guy serving the meat and then I ended up with beef and weinerschnitzel or something on my plate. Uh, okay. I was trying to be exotic and go with the fish, but weinerschnitzel...? (I don't even know if that's how you spell it.) Not exactly my idea of exotic...more revolting than exotic. Anyway, a guy at my table, Stephen, told me it actually tasted pretty good. How can anything with a name like that taste good? Eying the "pretty good" excitement on my plate, the suspicious patty brought visions of a regurgitated sausage combined with other unknown, Middle Eastern meats into my mind.

What the heck. Finally I stuffed a bite in and --

-- it tasted like chicken?

Not only did it taste like chicken, it was chicken. What the? I thought weinerschnitzel was ... well, not chicken. But that stuff was. And, Stephen was right. It was pretty good. I suppose I should have more faith in Israeli delicacies. Or at least give them a fighting chance.


This semester is going to be very __________ for me
This will be a ___________ semester.

(Please fill in the blank by leaving a comment. I'm very curious to see your answers/suggestions/predictions!)


Ash said...

this semester is going to be very ... SAUCY for you!

Katya said...

This semester is going to be very ENLIGHTENING!!! for you :) Thanks for the comment Suzy, it's been driving me crazy trying to figure out what that was from...:)

L. said...

This semester is going to be BODACIOUS! --Mom (and I'm feeling lucky to be here and watch you enjoy it)

janel said...

I bet you wished you had gotten the chicken schnitzel that you missed out on in Nazareth? (Did we tell you about the calzones we got in Rome that were filled with...HOT DOGS!?! Bleh.)
This semester will be very STINKY for you since you have no nieces to babysit?!?!

Becca said...

this semester is going to be very LONG!!! for us! actually, i think this semester will be really eye opening for you.

Hez said...

This semester is going to be very...unforgettable, amazing, inspiring, life-changing, bonding, learning, going, seeing, AWESOMENESS! I'm so excited to be in Jerusalem with you Suzbollah!!!

Kimberly said...

This semester will be UNBELIEVABLE!