Friday, October 17, 2008

some things that made me smile today

-an American pronouncing Spanish with a French accent
-walking home and then realizing I rode my bike to campus today...
-a vase of flowers on the doorstep
-talking to Carolyn
-coming home and discovering Kristen and Suzanne in the same bed watching some cheerleading TV show that hasn't been on the air since the 80's
-reaffirming that cleaning checks aren't until next weekend
-playing the usual game of phone tag with Krista Is Hot
-raspberry and cheesecake ice cream
-adorning my apartment with Halloween decorations
-threatening Robb Hays for insulting my Linford girls
-acquisition of a new brownie recipe
-hearing how Mom and Dad are doing from my boss
-an unexpected blogging friend
-finding a burnt bag of popcorn on my doorstep
-hearing awful grammar mistakes in gospel Spanish by kids my age who are trying so hard
-a friend who can text with his eyes closed (this friend is really cute and has stains on his pants; furthermore, he's taking me out tomorrow evening :)


Kristen said...

Correction--the cheerleading movie came out in 2001 not the 80's. :-)

janel said...

raspberry and cheesecake ice cream? does that mean you had a date yesterday and today?

Kimberly said...

I want to know who left the roses on your doorstep? Hmmm?

Tamarra said...

shoot, with his eyes closed? he's a keeper.

Danielle said...

Good old Carolyn. You are patient with her. (I can't even text with my eyes open.)

John Cho said...

I've started a blog. I blame you. I'll let you know when I've cracked the HTML for you. I'm close, oh so close.

John Cho said...

Got it. My blog is still a work in progress, but I've cracked the code. You may need to adjust the background though(I can help with that too).