Monday, October 27, 2008


G. Bogin

On the first day of Philosophy 148, a small girl walked in,
freckled, solemn, cute, whom I liked right off.

Next time, our eyes met and she smiled a little.
I was already in love.

I always tried to arrive before she did so I could watch her
coming through the doorway, each time loving her more.

She began to look at me, too, hoping for a word, I suppose,
but when our eyes met mine would drop.

Once I heard her ask someone for a pencil.
I passed mine back without turning or speaking.

Spring came and we saw each other on campus
open-throated, wordless, everywhere.

On the last day of exam week I was reading at the far end
of the Philosophy Library. Not a soul there but the librarian.
Dust in the sunbeams. End of college.

The door opened. It was my girl. I looked down.

In all that empty library she came to my side,
to the very next chair. Sweet springtime love.
Lovely last chance first love.

I could have taken her by the hand and walked the whole 60 blocks
to the piers right onto a steamer to France or somewhere,
but I said nothing and after a while got up and walked out into middle age.


Courtney said...

Did Mr. Ostenson read that to us? I can't remember. Happy Birthday!

janel said...

That's a depressing poem. But happy, happy birthday!!!!

Katya said...

What a sad poem! Happy birthday Suzy!! I'm sorry I won't be in your apartment to put up posters everywhere or light birthday candles with q-tip matches, haha.

Danielle said...

I hope your birthday has all the thrills of that but none of the sads. Happy bday!!!

Kimberly said...

Good thing Corey wasn't such a wimp!
Happy Birthday!

Becca said...

sad, suzy! middle age doesn't have to be like that--and you're barely out of your teens, anyway

Beetle said...

Do you have some sort of intense crush on someone?

Amerie said...

Who is this directed to? Like the audience?