Monday, October 06, 2008

by request

(Last Tuesday) ComD 334 Basic Hearing Science: 81% + 6% curve = 87%. Okay but I should have done better.
(Last Friday) ComD 230 Language Science: 94%. I totally rocked this one. Determiner, intensifier, particle, prepositional phrase anyone?
(this morning) Spanish 206: TBA. Just finished it, probably a B. I don't deserve higher, though, so I won't complain I guess. Good thing I studied with Kim.
(tomorrow) PDBio 220 aka Anatomy: hopefully a passing score...? This will be the hardest of all my midterms, by far. And I'm just about to start studying for it. Yeesh.
(Wednesday) D&C: take-home, open scripture, but it'll possibly be a long beast.
(Thursday) Homecoming Spectacular: Celebration of me surviving 5 midterms in all 5 of my classes!


Danielle said...

Nice! I wish I were on the schedule to make you a celebratory dinner.

Becca said...

thanks! nice work too! you can come to our house to have that celebratory dinner (we'll have sloppy joes--just what danielle would've made you!)

L. said...

5 - 5 = 0 left = Party time! "Just do it!" :) Enjoy the Spectacular; you deserve it. --Mom

Kimberly said...

You mean thank goodness you let me study with you. Otherwise I would have done much worse than my already low score. Hooray for Suzy and Spanish! I hope you have a great time at the Spectacular! (P.S. Is it with a certain someone who is a little over-fond of shoes? I hope so!) ;)

Hez said...

Hello? Anybody there? Did you survive?

Beetle said...

Yeah!!! What's the latest? All my middies start next week. . . I think I have 4 six page papers and a presentation!