Thursday, September 25, 2008

week fourth

on the tip of my tongue
swimming, sinking
plates crashing down
try harder; they just fall faster
unseen flash of movement around the corner
grasping, groping through the fog
fading footsteps
a wormy bite of apple
race me blindfolded in a mine field
ovals, lopsided spirals, wandering loops and curves
my neverending staircase, climbing, spiraling, narrowing
go go! I say I can't
go anyway I'm told
dragged by the feet, bang bump ouch
dreaming of feasts
climbing climbing the pit just gets deeper
elusive, fleeting, tick tock
this puddle of wax
seeing darkly


janel said...

Holy cow, woman. This is very impressive. I can't believe you have the brainpower (especially right now at midterms) to compose this stuff! I feel like a total floof (see latest blog entry) compared to this. Nice work. Keep 'em coming.

janel said...

Don't you think you need to post a link to right now? For your viewers?

Hez said...

I analyzed a poem in front of my English class today for an hour--I wish I could have analyzed this piece of work! :)

Camille said...

Wow this is incredible!

L. said...

Graphic imagery! It definitely demands to be felt . . . and deeply. I hope the world feels a little more friendly today. --Mom

Becca said...

school's not that bad, is it? maybe you should take less credits... but wowzies on the poetry! nice work

Katya said...

Oh my greatness, I love it. Suzy, you're amazing!

Becca said...

maybe you should write a new blog post after every test, so i can know how they went without bugging you about it