Monday, September 01, 2008

so fleeting

September’s Song

September is a time of transition, of departures and arrivals, good-bys and hellos. The lifeguard snaps the lock on the fence around the swimming pool, now drained and lonely, and turns his thoughts toward his fraternity’s rush week. The six-year-old takes one last look at her mother in the station wagon before she pushes open the door to the first grade and the world. At airports, parents gaze after sons and daughters leaving for college and wonder where the years have gone.

The days grow shorter, but heat still lashes the land. Thistles grow purple along the roadside, and milkweed pods begin to burst and float their feathered seed upon the wind. The light is not the slanting light of fall, though birds begin short, restless flights and mornings turn cool. Still, there is something in the evening air, something about the browning fields tired of heat but not yet ready for frost, something about the brightness of the moonlight, the haze of evening, something that says not yet – not quite yet.

Play for a while, enjoy the warmth, the green. But keep an eye on time. Time passing by. Balanced, measured, merciless time.

--John Ed Pearce in Louisville Courier-Journal Magazine



Danielle said...

How beautiful, and true.

Hez said...

Well-spoken. --Mom

Kimberly said...

So true! Autumn makes me a little sad because I have to buckle down and get back to work. There are lots of nice things about it, though (as you showed here).

Becca said...

wow, i was thinking--suzy is a dang good poet, until i realized it was by some imposter. but, such a nice poem. it's crazy how a stranger could describe the exact things that you feel, but couldn't think how to say them

Katya said...

Oh my, I love it. I do have Perkins actually! You're not in the class tues/thurs at 12, are you?

Kristi said...

Oh hello, don't mind me, just a stalking cousin of yours. Lovely to find your blog, and I loved this!