Monday, July 14, 2008


0 naps taken today by me :(
2 mosquito bites
4 sobrinos that I love so much
7 different types of fruit I have in the fridge at this moment
14 days since I've been grocery shopping (until today)
17 hours since I woke up
27 Microsoft Word single-spaced pages I have as a result of my
work today
45 Romantic piano songs I listened to during my
97 words per minute
204 stairs I climb to get to work
218 friends on Facebook
500 miles to Montana


L. said...

Who duh thought of such deep thoughts? Is that journal transcribing transporting you to new levels? --Love, Mom

janel said...

It appears your new job may be driving you to acute numerical awareness? (Or insanity?) And don't be planning any road trips to Montana without my approval. You make too good of a shopping/dinner making partner for me to let you go that easily.

Danielle said...

I like your stats. I can help you up your piano music one if you want.

Becca said...

how about 20 new blog posts for becca to read in her spare time?
good job on the fruits, and why go to montana when oregon is so much closer?

Camille said...

What's a sobrino?

Kimberly said...

Why Montana? What's even out there besides cows and frigid tundra?