Tuesday, June 03, 2008



thanks to Krista

brought to me all the way from Ecuador

the only ring I’ve ever worn for a significant amount of time

has gotten me more comments than any article of clothing I own

too big for any of my fingers but I wear it anyway

part of my outfit every day


So long.


Katya said...

love the poem! haha it sounds like haiku or something, but I think those have less syllables...?

amanda said...

And you write poetry! What can't you do my love?

janel said...

Yey! Suzy, the poet is back. I'm glad those creative writing brain cells aren't wasting away! : )

L. said...

So nice to hear a little poetry out of you again...it's been way too long! --Your biggest fan, Mom

Hez said...

I cried when I read this post. So profound, so close, so precious. The missing ring will be a part of you always. Ok, I'm done cheesin it up.