Friday, April 04, 2008

Morir de frío

I swear it's like five degrees in this library.

Or maybe my thyroid doesn't work.

Ah, that must be it. Either way, I'm freezing my buns off and feel like whining because I can't focus but I must because my Spanish final exam is in two hours and I cannot flunk it.

Es una lástima que legwarmers no están de moda estos días.(Although, if Carrie Underwood can get away with it, maybe I can too...?)


Ryan said...

ummm... probably not. You're too cute

janel said...

I have only one word: Yikes. Thanks for the tunesies. So nice.

Suzy said...

Jage, of carse...I didn't realize anyone besides Hez listened to those tunsies you have any requests you would like to hear?

L. said...

I think you should START a trend--legwarmers at BYU--don't you think so? You're cute and can get away with whatever you wear! --Mom