Monday, April 14, 2008

C'mon, everyone's doing it!

It's "spread-the-manure" time! Everybody grab a shovel!

No takers?

Well, you're all crazy. I'll do anything to get out of these dratted finals. (and my Spanish essay. and extra credit discussion questions. and taxes. and scholarship essays. and my oral Spanish exam.) Or at least not have to study for them anymore. For anyone who's interested, please talk to Kristen's grandpa, happy resident farmer of the renowned town of Firth, Idaho. I'm sure he'd love to meet friends and family of his granddaughter's supposedly non-heathenistic roommate, as long as his cow farm gets manurized. For some reason all this talk of the beauty of nature reminds me of Tess... Mrs. Durham would be proud of me.

What's my problem? You know you've been sitting and studying too long when you start making connections with everyday life to Tess of the d'Urbervilles! What is the world coming to! Aaagggh! Deep breath. In. Out. In. Out.

Meh, that breathing stuff is just a bunch of bogus. Where are my noseplugs, I'm outta here.


Kristen said...

Grandpa Larsen isn't from Renton you silly girl! He is from Firth, Idaho. I don't really think there are many cows in Renton...I'm going to have find some when I get back home.

L. said...

Suz, I think the pre-final delirium has set in! You seem a little confused, so I ought to remind you that the only place you want to spread manure is on OUR garden (this is your inner voice speaking). Krisen's grandpa need you like WE do. --Mom

Danielle said...

How are the taxes? Krista said she found a good new site- Turbotax- if you haven't started. Good luck and at least your house doesn't actually smell like manure, unlike mine (because I found Jacob stuffing dried apricots in his face at Mom's house, and we all know what effect too many of those can have).

Becca said...

wow suz, always the drama queen. well, which would you rather have happen, sleep in a bed of cow manure or accidentally swallow 5 toothpicks?...or take a measley little final? :)