Thursday, March 27, 2008


Why do people put gum on the underside of tables?

Why are some silences awkward (or potentially so) and others natural and nice?

Why do cleaning checks seem like they are every other week when they are really only once a month?

How is it possible for me lose things every five seconds?

Why do some classes and professors trigger the "sleep now" reflex?

Why does rain on the sidewalk smell so good?

How come speech is so different from the written word?

Why does the red crayon ALWAYS get used up (or lost) first?

Why do songs get stuck in your head?

How come procrastination is pretty much like an inherent characteristic in my personality?

Why are Texans so full of themselves?

Why is it natural tendency to avoid looking someone in the eyes when you pass on the sidewalk?

Do people in the Women's Chorus all have to wear the same shoes?

Why do I feel completely comfortable around some people and others it seems like I have nothing in common?

Why is it so much easier to stay up late than to get into bed early?

Why don't I ever remember my dreams?

Why is it so hard to keep a room clean? (Entropy will be the death of me one of these days...)

Why are kids so cute?

Why do you seem to run out of everything at the same time?

How am I lucky enough to have a ticket to actually attend my first session of General Conference ever?

Why doesn't BYU have a spring break?

Why does "experimentar" mean "experience" and "asistir" mean "to attend" in Spanish?

What do llamas and free bread have in common?

Why is blogging so much fun?


Kristen said...

Good questions. I have often wondered some of those things. Espcially the ones about cleaning checks, procrastination and getting to bed.
I do however take exception to the question about rain smelling good on the sidewalk. I promise you that rain does not smell good here.:-) Someday you will have to come and smell Washington rain on the trees and grass and then you will see what you've been missing all these years!

Suzy said...

done. k-bob, when we're old maids living together, we'll move to Washington and smell the rain together. and maybe if I get rich quick or marry a rich man, I can come up and visit you or stay the summer sometime. (that way I don't have to wait until I'm an old maid or widowed to party with you in your natural habitat!) that would be sweet.

Danielle said...

People put gum on the underside of tables to have a good laugh when a 2 year old sits there and pops it in. SICK!!! (This also applies to all stray candy on floors.) The rest of the questions I don't know the answer too (but I agree with them).

Kimberly said...

Also, why does asister mean "to attend?"

Amanda said...

Rain smells excellent here, Suzy. I agree.

Mark said...

What do llamas and free bread have in common?

Suzy said...

Ha Mark! I'll add it to the list right now. :) (good one)

Beetle said...

My Logics professor has this theory that spoken language and written language are not connected. Recently, a soldier in Iraq suffered his 6th concussion (which caused his helmet to split in half) during training. After about 12 hours he was stuttering uncontrollably, and within 24 hours he had lost his ability to speak, BUT he can still form all his complex thoughts into text. Amazing.

L. said...

Obviously deep college thinking is beginning to set into our little family freshman daughter! --Mom